• i believe that its more art than some humans produce
  • Part of what defines art is that it is human made and expresses human emotions and tastes. Therefore animals and nature cannot produce "art" by definition, though one could argue that the beauty in nature is in itself, artistic.
  • A beautifully contructed building is art, an intricate bridge is art, a bird singing is art and so is the nest of any bird.
  • Is nature itself not art, waterfalls, rainbows, deserts, an arctic fox, I think nature has its own style of art.
  • We are aware, thinking creatures. That is why we even define art. All of life is art but the participants are not aware of this definition. They just "are" they are not aware of being beautiful or striking or extraordinary in the sense we define it as.
  • One could argue art is created to attract one to observe and interact with that art form so bird calls could be one of the highest forms of art we have.
  • All the Worlds beauty is Art. To hear a Blackbird or a Thrush sing is Art, A running Horse or a Big Cat is beautiful A Rainbow or a Sunrise or Sunset, so many things Even some people are beautiful enough to be a form of Art.
  • OH Yes!
  • I've seen painting done by elephants and gorillas.They seemed to enjoy doing it.
  • As art is normally understood and defined, only humans produce art. Mere handiwork (or trunk work in the case of Elephants) and decoration aren't art as such, however pleasing to the eye they may be. And a mating call, however beautiful, is still just a mating call. Art says something beyond itself and speaks to something beyond mere instinctive appeal. Art is an expression of wonder, awe, wisdom, anguish, or social criticism (often coupled with anger) - ultimately all art is an attempt to grasp and communicate transcendent truth. Even the smartest of non-human animals seem to lack that capacity.
  • A spider's web is art to me. Maybe not to the spider.
  • As far as we know, only humans produce art for art's sake. As far as we know, animals do things we might consider art for reasons of survival.

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