• i think so.
  • On Answerbag, users determine which are the best questions (actually, the most useful) by giving them points. Based on this, there is a "most popular questions" leaderboard in an "all time" and in a "last week" version. The "last week" versions of former weeks are no more available for users. Because of this, a question which has just been asked has some chanced to come on the "last week" "most popular questions" leaderboard at the end of the week. Questions asked at the beginning of the week, or in a past week would have greater chances to get more points there. The top question last week was: "Just curious, does your desk chair have wheels or is it stationary?" It received 204 points last week. Also, for the "all time" "most popular questions" leaderboard, it will take much more time. The top question last week on the all time leaderboard was: "What do you look like?" It received 2863 points since it was asked. For a question that has just been asked, like this one, nothing can be said yet. Wait till the end of the week to see how it scores for some clues. Good luck!

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