• My favorites are National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Artist Magazine, and Guns & Ammo. I like history, culture, art, and shooting.
  • I'm a science magazine type of guy, but haven't read any in years.
  • Bop, Tigerbeat and other kids magazines of gossip becuase its fun to read!
  • Practical fishkeeping as I like fish but I also like to read National Geographic :)
  • Men's Health.Becuase I'm a guy lol.
  • People, :) Or remodeling your house.
  • i love reading health and new age magazines.
  • National Geographic. Time Magazine. +5
  • I really enjoy reading PLAYBOY® magazine, and the reason I do, is it's a terrific way to keep aBREAST of current events, and to get a LEG up on your competitors, as to what is going on in the world, so you don't make an ASS of yourself, when discussing current events that are happening in your COUNTry. +5
  • the economist and foreign affairs, they seem more insightful than most.
  • Astronomy,Sky and Telescope,National Geographic,Discover. I read to learn.
  • Asian Beacon. It is a local Christian magazine and it has some real life testimonies which are very encouraging.
  • I used to love Psychology Today until it got all "sex and hype" on me. I liked the articles on the actual research =/ For a while I read the Harvard Mental Health Letter until they realized that I wasn't actually paying for it and canceled my subscription. I often read the Economist and Foreign Affairs (as in, whenever I go to visit my grandparents so I can get my hands on them). And Cooks Illustrated. LOVE IT. I love to cook, and I love learning about the different techniques there are to making different dishes =P Every so often I'll pick up an issue of Juxtapose because I enjoy exposing myself to the crazy underground art - there's some really good stuff in there! But mostly I read blogs. Jezebel is the only one that I go to every day.
  • Auto Bild (Greek version) cheap, very informing , rich topics , comes out every week i also like very much Science (Greek version) but i dont buy it cause it costs 6 euros which it deserves but i dont care that much

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