• To some they mean the world to others they mean nothing. Art is a matter of perception. The Art I like you may find hideous.
  • The arts are the closest thing we have to a physical manifestation of our souls. The arts are everything.
  • Quite a lot. . Without them world would be only survival, production and reproduction. A sad place that is. Art is one of the keys to the unexplored parts of the mind and emotions. It helps as get to know oneself and one another. . Though I find art also in things that are not considered art in the classical way.
  • Art is everything. Its the expression of the internal in an external way. Either through music, or through painting, or even a martial art, or a meditative art...or dancing. Everyone has an art of some sort... I personally love martial arts, and drawing, and playing guitar and keyboard...I also enjoy singing. It is a very important part of our lives, if we do not express the inside...we will forget who we are, or loose it.
  • They are food for the soul, as important as food and water are to the body, arts are to the mind, spirit and soul.
  • They don't, if you want a society that closely resembles Rush's 2112....
  • How much do the arts matter . . . Music can communicate things words are still trying to. Painters make you appreciate the beauty of the world around you. Singers make you feel emotions you don't feel any other way. Dancers make you listen to the natural beat and rhythms, even if they are your own footsteps. Writers have made us spend time thinking, learning, dreaming. What are we without a way to express the emotions we have inside of us? To make us feel more happy and alive than anything else? What a sad shell of existence we would be without them.

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