• I might. If I were an atheist... ...and understood the question.
  • I suppose that depends on the kind of evidence you have seen regarding the effectiveness of homeopathy.
  • humans owe much of how they operate to believing in things that they can't substantiate. much of what we "know" about the world is through inductive reasoning based on observation (which cannot count as PROOF). yet, we couldn't get very far without this type of unprovable faith. i can't see why atheistic faith in homeopathy would be so different
  • the two are not related...of course one can be an atheist and believe in homeopathic treatment.
  • I would say that most Atheists are Atheists because they are the kind of people who question anything put before them and do not just believe what others say, without them also providing some evidence of their claims. If someone can provide empirical evidence of the homeopathic properties of something then there is no reason why an Atheist would not accept it anymore than anyone else.
  • Sure, because every part of a person is connected. So all those good smells and sensations could help get rid of the aches and pains that stress causes. I doubt it would get rid of a cancerous tumor or a virus though. *EDIT* Just read more about it, and it pretty much didn't change my opinion. I might trust it for a headache or stomach ache, but not much else.
  • I suppose you could. I see your reasoning there. If you're using rationality to rule out religion, you should probably also rule out a whole lot of other irrational things. And a lot of people who call themselves atheists also call themselves skeptics - and those people will especially NOT buy into stuff like homeopathy. But not all. Some atheists were just never religious, and might have their own irrational beliefs that have nothing to do with religion. Conspiracy theories, natural healing, tarot cards, etc. It's a quirk of humanity, I guess. We all have our crazy ideas. I think homeopathy, along with most other things that can't be proven scientifically, is a whole lot of bunk. But I'll admit to a few superstitions that are probably unreasonable. Only Spock is perfectly logical all the time. ;)
  • Or Pyramids, The Bermuda Triangle, Crystal Therapy, The reading of tea leaves, Vampires, Telepathy, Faith Healing, Fashion, soul mates, paying it forwards, placebos, ... It is a very long list, when you come right down to it. Seems we really need our superstitions. We keep making new ones as fast as we discard the old. Some of them are even useful.
  • I don't see the connection, so I will answer yes and see what happens.
  • Of course. Homeopathy doesn't depend on a god. . Personally, I think it's silly -but there is no inherent contradiction. +5
  • There's really only one person who believes in homeopathy and that is Prince Charles. And nobody takes any notice of him at all.
  • I don't see a connection but... Anyone can believe in anything they want.
  • I can do like I do with everything else. Pick and choose what I believe in. I don't accept it whole cloth, so to speak, but some homeopathic remedies are quite good. I take what works, discard what doesn't, and ignore that which I don't need. Religion has nothing to do with it, but I consider it the same way. To me, Religion does not work. It makes no sense, and does not help me. So I discarded it, and ignore it.
  • No, that would be called "hypocrite"

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