• I occasionally feed my cats regular tuna, but it does have a high mercury level, so I don't very often, just for a treat, about once a month.
  • Is the tuna in Brine or oil? Either way tuna alone is not particularly healthy (though brine is beter as not as fatty as oil). However, balanced with cat biscuits, it is fine according to my vet, although cat food is more advisable. It's all my cat eats, in brine and biscuits, and she's perfectly healthy. I am not sure about liver, but I would imagine this was ok too
  • I found somehelpful info at this site:
  • Fish isn't a good food for cats. It is missing amino acids cats need for health. Here is the best info I know about feeding cats:
  • In my family we eat the tuna in water. We have three cats and when we make it each of them has a little bit. I used to work for a vet and and he said giving them a small amount every once in awhile is okay but NOT to give it to them in large amounts or daily because it has mercury in it.
  • If it is an emergency feed, it is okay. Not as a staple, however, as it is missing nutrients.
  • only if you give her the tuna like once a month,and only just a little bit,she should be ok. but raw liver i am not really sure.
  • yes - far better than the canned shit
  • In nature, cats don't eat meat or canned fish--they eat entire animals or entire fish, including intestines and their plant contents. Feeding a cat on a diet of meat or fish that's intended for human consumption deprives it of necessary nutrients. When a cat is small, it is good to feed it different types of cat food, because whatever it gets used to as a kitten is likely to be all it will accept as an adult.
  • As far as raw liver.My cat is very picky and thats one of the few things she will eat.I asked my vet and he said Liver is fine 2-3 times a week spaced out,however liver is so high in vitamin A(especially raw liver as some gets destroyed when cooked) that any more than 2 days in a row and your pet can overdose and get sick.I have had this happen several times in my cat before I had spoken to the vet and knew what it was.Now I feed her liver on lets say monday,thursday and Saturday and something else the rest of the week and have no problems.Also remember that if you give your cat raw liver on one day then the next day give her canned food or treats that have liver in it they may still overdose.Look up vitamin A poisoning with google and familerize yourself with the symptoms(which eventually wear off but i dont imagine are fun)so you know what to look for.
  • We feed our cat with tinned tuna from time to time but we always mix it with some dry kibble. Tuna alone does not contain everything a cat need for a healthy diet. You'll find more cat nutrition info here. :)
  • I have done both with several cats I have had over the years. They never got sick or showed any signs it was bad for them. I'm not a vet but I think its ok. My cats have always been fine.
  • Fish is not enough for a cat to live on. It is missing some important amino acids which they need to be healthy. It's the reason that cats don't do well on dog food as dogs don't need it. Fish is actually not part of a cat's natural diet even though they think it smells and tastes divine:-) Here's a great website that will tell you everything you would ever want to know about good cat nutrition.
  • It is better to feed the cat canned tuna and any other natural form of meat and not commercial cat food full of things that are not good for it.Cats eat meat and grasses to help digest.I have heard the well off are feeding their dogs and cats raw meat for it is health for them.
  • U shouldn't give them tuna 2 much cuz of the mercury in it but occasionally is ok.
  • Cats need a varied diet. There's nothing wrong with the occasional treat (my kitty loves plain yogurt), but all things in moderation.
  • The thing to worry about with wet food is that even if the label says fish, chicken, beef, or whatever meat it does not mean it is really meat. Fat, skin, tendons, and connective tissue all counts as meat. Usually that is what goes into the cat food and very small amounts; the rest is usually water and preservatives. The reason they use those pieces of the animals is they are so cheap and are left over pieces from butchers etc. Healthiest thing for your cat is real meat and biscuits.
  • only as an occasional treat. tuna is not good for them to eat all of the time. I let my cats have few bits of tuna sometimes when I open some for myself (I buy tuna in water, and usually, what they really want is the water I drain out of it). but cats need a regular, balanced diet. Stick with Cat Chow (or similar) most of the time.
  • WHat do you like the best to eat fish or red meat. I would go with fish :)
  • 7-18-2017 Mix a can of tuna with 12 ounces water and freeze it in cubes. That makes treats for two weeks.

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