• Doctors deliberately make them cry to encourage them to take their first breath of air. Everything is up to them from that time till the they take their last.
  • Intially to expand its lungs. but it is also a response to the ordeal it has just been through. Many babies have bad headaches from the pushing and shoving, and the use of instruments etc. they are also being taken from a warm environment into a cold one by comparison, one with bright lights and big creatures, and where there are being passed from person to person, prodded and poked and weighed. All they want to do is rest and take some nourishment and comfort on the mother's breast.
  • because he too must have just watched his beloved Middlesbrough get cheated out of the FA cup by a big diving nancy boy.
  • wouldnt you cry if you had no where to go then when you thought life was over for you, you realize it had just begun.
  • The new environment. For nine months they are in the comfort of their mothers womb, than suddenly they are in a new place where they are no longer snuggly wrapped up hearing muffled sounds from the world outside their mothers body, but are somewhere they have no control over their moving arms and legs, feel cold, and have just been pushed out a long tunnel, so to speak. This is one of the reason people wrap babies so tightly, so they have a sense of security!

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