• He is just showing that he knows how to fish. Why would a female mate with a total loser? (lol) And they mate for life, you know....
  • Natural rituals can't be "sins" so it can't be part of prostitutional consideration... rather a way to show her that he'll be able to fish and feed to the young ones that might come after the mating is done successfully.... nature's way to create ones own species....
  • The sexual behavioral patterns in humans and penguins cannot be equated. The fish offered is a symbolic present in appreciation of the beauty of the female penguin and not a payment for sexual services. And female penguins are very capable of catching fish for their own food. And they don't take to the profession for free meals throughout the year. Penguins will find your comparing them to humans very offensive.
  • Not necessarily prostitutes. Many animals do this. I've seen dogs and birds do this. In many cultures it still exists as a way for the man to prove his ability to provide for the woman and take care of the the new family soon to be. It also shows he values her. We've all taken a prospective mate out to dinner. ;) Sometimes the woman does it. Then it's called a dowry. I would have appreciated that. ;)
  • Thank God that just applies to penguins eh!! I prefer a chinese myself,lol
  • Considering they only get it once a year, I am going to have to say no. Emperor Penguins, the subject of the popular 2005 documentary March of the Penguins, have a strange “marriage”. Penguin couples spend their lives apart from each other and meet once a year in late March, after traveling as far as 70 miles (112 km) inland – on foot or sliding on their bellies! – to reach the breeding site. Once there, penguins look for their mates by making a bugling call. Male penguins generally stay in one place, lower their head to their chest and call out to the females. Once they find one another, they would stand breast to breast, repeatedly bow to each other and sing (okay, “bugle”).
  • Your point being that human males don't pay? Not married yet, hey?
  • I hope now that all human females who receive a diamond ring at the proposal don't feel like prostitutes. By the way - I never got one - I got other signals from my man telling me that he will be a good provider and will care for me. I find that wonderful that animals have that pre-mating behavior, it is heart warming to observe.
  • No, hon. The fish isn't payment for sex... it's an offering to his future baby's mama. ++4
  • He is merely showing his prowess as a hunter and therefore his suitability as a father for their offspring who will also need to hunt. He is showing he has suitable genes.
  • Its a bit like that in England with some folk lol After ending up with a girl on a night out usually the last 1/2 hour before chucking out time - a bloke sometimes buys a girl a takeaway en route home -typically a Kebab and usually assumes after doing so he can get his oats! I have witnessed this booze crazed behaviour many a time and never been a culprit - always been a nice girl me :) I post link of the delicacy KEBAB - purely as reference material lol Ha Ha!
  • Nothing comes Free :-D
  • Maybe they give the female penguin a fish so she can eat it before the mating and have the strength to *^$#%^ his brains out hehe
  • Ha! That sounds so funny! But then, we humans are apt to anthropomorphize, aren't we?   My 'human take' on it might be that he has to 'get her in the mood' with the fish, just like my husband might bring me a bouquet of red roses and, well, its pretty damn likely he's gonna get rewarded for that! lol!   If my memory serves me correctly, I do believe penguins also pair up with the same partner for life.
  • It just shows what males will do for sex - after the fish, he THEN has to take care of the egg for months and months afterwards.

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