• Yes. Sometimes I pelt them with golf balls. Then they give me their you're going to burn in Hell spiel.
  • There seems to be many definitions of the adjective "self-righteous". Can you please make it clear which definition is it? =) EDIT: Oi vey! (Please note, my use of 'oi vey' is not to mock Jewish people. Where I live, there is a high concentration of Jews, so everyone says it...) I want to rip out my hair when I try to debate with narrow-minded people. I think it is reasonable that people would want to stick to their guns, but closing their minds to all possibility is just ignorance! The problem is, they do not seem to see that they are ignorant. I surely hope I am not like that o.o
  • I disrespect anyone who either a) automatically underestimates due to something completely unrelated to intelligence, such as gender or race, and b) who are arrogant enough to genuinely believe that I, and others, can not see their self-righteous and holier-than-thou attitude for what it really is.
  • Self-righteous? A pain to put up with, holier-than-thou? who can live with people like that? Know-it-alls? Ouch, get them away from me! I cross them off my list pronto--
  • I think self-righteous enthusiasm is in itself an ethical no-no. On the other hand, many people are required to be self-righteous in order to jump through the hoops that modern society sets forth, however once through the hoop, one should learn to accept a more humble, and reality based posture. An example of this is is seeking employment, where-as, the seeker of emplyment must toot his own horn to be noticed, but to continue tooting that horn is very objectonable post hire. However, there are many other aspects in life in which self righteous enthusiasm can come in to play. Example: Religion, politics, and even situations as petty, in comparison to these, as sports. I believe it has far greater implications in human societal structure than required, and can in fact hinder our progress. Now for the second part of your question, I hold esteem to the FACT that moderaton is key for a healthy social balance. I do not blatenly disrespect most persoanl opinions, however I tend to lack respect for opinions derived from inflated, and sometimes over-inflated opinions and beliefs of others. Simple put, some people need to get off their "high horse" and not be afraid to get a little dirt on their boots. If by chance I encounter any oppressive inflated ideals, in which the opinions and views of others are seemingly forced upon myself, I can honestly say I retract any respect for the person, as well as their veiws and/or beliefs. And as always, I believe an open mind is a good thing, but not too open because a mind with it's brains falling out is usless, as usless as an oppressive mind.
  • I am a spouting fountain of self-righteous zeal. That is just who I am, you can love me or leave me. When it comes to others, I admire folks with inflated egos.
  • the words you use in your question are all "coloured" words ie they have meanings slanted towards what answer you are looking for. Of course, the answer you want is: I feel...about self righteous enthusiasm. And: of course I disrespect people who have inflated views of their opinions and beliefs YET -how can you be the judge of what is "self-righteous". Most christians, for example, would say they were made righteous by the death of Jesus, not themselves. And your opinion of someone being "self-righteous" may be skewed. They may seem quite ok to someone else... -how do you know someone has inflated views of their opinions and beliefs? Perhaps the person's view of their opinion is one they have thought over and researched for many years. It may be appreciated by people other than you. -Over inflated views of their beliefs? I think that most people, no matter what religious view they hold to, are not giving their personal view, but the view of many millions of people who share the same belief system. It is the individual who says "I my opinion...I don't believe..." without having any other person who supports them, who could be said to have an inflated view of THEIR beliefs, for they have created their own, with no history, no revelation nothing but their own opinion. Which COULD be wrong... Now go ahead...give me a neg...but only if your own view of your opinions and beliefs is inflated and your self-righteous enthusiasm leads you to do so...
  • I would feel sorry for the self-righteous who believes righteousness could be attained by effort, hardwork and success in life. This is simply an exercise in futility. No, I would not disrespect them for their inflated opinions and beliefs but instead I would endeavor to make them understand from the biblical perpectives if I have the opportunities.

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