• I have heard in studies done that the answer is YES to that question. Owning a pet reduces stress when engaged in petting and loving on your animal. Reduction of stress is what ALL of us need, RIGHT? haha
  • Yes, not only do they help owners live longer, but also more rewarding lives. There is a sense of responsibility, a daily timetable, someone to talk to and the knowledge that the pet cares and loves the owner.
  • As said all around this question, it is said that pet owners do live longer then non pet owners, because they are meant to be less stressful and more rewarding. I am however not fully convinced of this. Depending on the type of animal and whether their personality is a good one or not. For example I have heard of dogs who have major seperation anxiety and they stress their owners out very much. Also the price of vets, food, and toys has all increased and money issues are not stress relievers. Over all I would say spending time with the animal and the general reciepical love that is there is stress relieving becasue you know that there is always someone there who will love you no matter what. That is something that is reassuring and can then become somewhat stressrelieving.
  • Not necessarily. My grandmother on my mum's side died at 104 and she didn't have a pet. My grandmother on my dad's side died at 81 and she had a dog.
  • 1-11-2017 In many cases it only seems like forever.

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