• Pressurized helium is commercially available, extracted from natural gas. Lots of companies sell it. Helium is the second most abundant element in the known universe after hydrogen and constitutes nearly a quarter of the mass of the universe. However, in the Earth's atmosphere, the concentration of helium by volume is only 1 part in 200,000, largely because most helium in the Earth's atmosphere escapes into space due to its inertness and low mass. All considerable helium on Earth is a result of radioactive decay. The decay product is found in minerals of uranium and thorium, including cleveites, pitchblende, carnotite, monazite and beryl. There are also small amounts in mineral springs, volcanic gas and meteoric iron. The greatest concentrations on the planet are in natural gas, from which most commercial helium is derived. The principal source in the world is the natural gas wells of the American states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
  • One way that helium is obtained when mining for fossil fuels. It is trapped in pockets below the surface, so they vent it up through their pipes and store it.
  • they used to use hydrogen for balloons, but it was flamable and someone nearly died so they stopped using it.
  • 9-18-2017 They buy it at the industrial gases store.
  • By Mariana on Mar 4 2005

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