• I think thats dependant on the nature of the relationship between the two people. If its a colleague then just a few moments, if its a lover you could gaze away all night :)
  • Not more then twenty seconds.
  • Never thought about it. I'll let you know.
  • depends on what the conversation is about and to whom am i speaking ... if i'm talking to Allen about his new fishing boat and staring deep into his eyes, it's going to get weird real quick
  • A very, very long time. My mother constantly drilled into me that it is rude not to make eye contact when talking. I tend to look away if I'm thinking hard about how to say something, but as long as one of us is talking, I maintain eye contact.
  • I say it is dependant on the conversation. If it is a serious one you should be able to keep continuous eye contact to show you are interested and paying attention. However, you should always take time out to blink, use hand gestures and smile if appropriate. No matter what you are talking about it is pretty unsettling to have someone stare at you expressionless and without blinking for any period of time. ET phone home/serial killer/rapist...scary! Get my drift?
  • It starts getting creepy when I start to realize the person hasn't been blinking, for minutes and minutes.
  • In a convetdation, it never gets creepy.
  • 3 seconds
  • I must be creepy! I look people in the eye when I talk to them. Unless I'm doing something.
  • If you're having a conversation with someone, it's impolite to not have eye contact. People have lost the skill of interpersonal communication.

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