• Depends on how you say it. But generally people who do those things will be loosers, so, as long as you say it in a polite way then it wont be rude. imo
  • Sound like losers to me!
  • No. I'd be rude directly to their faces and tell them what lazy sons a bitches they are with no lives. I don't see the harm in that.
  • Does drinking and doing drugs automatically make you a loser? What about actors, directors, writers, painters, poets? A LOT of them do/did drugs... What if they are a highly successful businessman, supporting 2 families, etc?
  • One of my favorite sayings is, "It is what it is". Of course they are losers and you are being honest by saying so.
  • gave you 2 pts for interesting question i.e: " Is it rude to tell your S/O, that his friends are losers, when they drink and do drugs everyday? " my answer is yes its rude but its also true & it reveals you are a very brave person for saying it. However. It's important to avoid slandering people i.e making them look like they are practicing bad behavior even if it's true they are. This is to protect you from their anger. i.e if I say something to destroy someone elses happiness, regardless of how they obtain it. I open myself to destruction of my own happiness. Rather than tell the person they're doing wrong. I tend to avoid them but be friendly to them & try to avoid making it seem to them like I'm avoiding them and obviously they would never babysit my kids.My experience with people doing illegal drugs or taking prescription meds is that the law in the form of the police will eventually catch up to them & require them to go to rehab. It can take a while though and that's the hard part about it.But some people have to learn the hard way thats the way life is oftentimes.Also if you tell people not to do something they will want to or will do it more. If you tell them to do something more they will sometimes reduce or stop what they are doing. With these concepts in mind. Perhaps you should encourage them all to take a lot of drugs and then when they go for a ride in a car. Call the cops from a payphone anonymously reporting the drunken driving Then the cops will stop them and those with drugs on them will be required to go to jail and hopefully drug rehab also by the Judge.
  • Nothing wrong with voicing your opinion. Just try to do it tactfully.
  • I'm all in favour of being honest.... if they're losers then call em it. Personally I don’t think doing drink or drugs means that someone is automatically a loser...... but its hardly a coincidence that it usually does follow.
  • It depends. Drinking and drugs don't automatically make you a loser. Drinking and drugs have inspired some of the greatest art, music, and abstract thinking of our time. However, if they are as you described in a comment on one of the other answers (no jobs, in and out of jail, leeching of disability when they are capable of working etc etc) then I'd say they ARE losers, and you ARE justified in calling them that.
  • No ,not if your telling the truth..he should be able to see it for himself.
  • Well, It might not be the most polite thing to just come out with it.. they do sound like losers, although drink and drugs don't automatically make you a loser, But if you are already a loser, they turn you into a boring lazy one! Anyway.. It's good to give an honest opinion! You should tell your S/O that you should BOTH make some new friends, instead of just you! Then you can do it together!
  • I think you did great. You identified one loser without saying that they're all losers (which probably isn't completely true anyway, surely at least SOME of them have redeeming qualities). . I'd avoid mentioning that you don't want them at your wedding as guys tend to be a little finicky about wedding talk to begin with.
  • I don't know HOW it was said, V. Inflection makes all the difference. The fact that your S/O doesn't see thier loser ways is the bigger problem, because it is causing a rift between the two of you. You might have your issues, but your maturing, and he isn't, apparently. That can cause a huge chasm between the two of you. There are ways of handling it, but first you have to get the resentment out of your system. If the only way you can do that is to see a change in your S/O, then that is going to take a long time, if ever. It sounds like he really loves his partying. +5
  • Sounds to me like you were only stating the obvious.
  • depends on the words and situation you say it its GOOD to be clear but the thing hat matters is how you convey it and under what circumstances you say it at appropriate time, in good mood and using right words, you can convey anything to your S/O .....
  • Wow every question is showing that we are more similar than i first noticed. it can seem rude if said in the wrong way. but it is true and needs to be said. It can start fights and lots of them, so it needs to be discussed maturely (pfft listen to me saying this i wish i could take my own advice) You want him to grow up and be in an adult realtionship... get married and have a family- where you see him going in the opposite direction with friends like these. it is understandable. make sure you dont push him the opposite way and wants to hng out with them because you said NO.
  • Of course not. It may be rude not to if you really care about them.
  • i dont think so , because i did just that almost three years ago and he dumped me for it less then two weeks later .
  • No, not really.
  • Saying "your friends are losers" is going to force a defensive comeback; which is not going to have the desired result. Try asking him if he thinks that it's a problem to be around people that do things that make you uncorfortable. His answer will let you know if he respects you; which is a very valuable thing to know.
  • And he doesn't

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