• This may sound odd but I steam lemons in a kettle for a totally natural smell that isn't manufactured. I have found that inscense bothers my nose a little bit and I am also into the whole concept of home remedies and self repair through natural processes. It works wonderfully. You should give it a try sometime! +3pts.
  • wax crumbles from thompson candle company
  • Fresh air. And incense ^_^
  • I use Candles, Inscense, and defusers as well as burning scented oils ... +5
  • lilies
  • I bake bread or cookies. In late fall I'll bake a pumpkin pie or make hot spiced apple cider.
  • I would have to say jazmine and vanilla
  • venilla and jasmine.
  • I turn on the fans for fresh air everywhere. I like a breeze through open doors.
  • Candles.
  • Himalayan salt crystal lamp and Honeysuckle incense.
  • I use what I'm in the mood for. These days I use cedar. Its a spicy, woodsy fragrance,
    • Linda Joy
      I like cedar, too! And its also a natural insect repellant!
    • mugwort
      Yes cedar is a natural insect repellent. Read that info in an herbal. Plus it reminds me of the cedar closet in my parent's old home.
  • We were trained at Subway to always have something baking. We had mystery shoppers and we never knew when they were coming in. We were actually graded on the smell of the store. Once I had just cleaned the bathroom with bleach, and went into the office and overheard two ladies in the restroom going on about how nice and clean it smelled so I guess different strokes for different folks, right? I don't like artificial or chemical smells and some of them actually choke me. My favorite smell is chocolate chip cookies baking, but some surveys say guys like the smell of cinnamon buns cooking. At Subway it was bread or cookies. I had a friend online that said her husband liked it when she smelled like fried chicken! Like I said, 'different strokes for different folks.'😄
    • Linda Joy
      Hey grammar nazis, did I punctuate that last sentence correctly? Wow, it took three times to spell correctly correctly! And it was all because I couldn't see the extra 'l' I put in it. Maybe I should wait a couple hours after chemo before trying to drive the computer! :D
  • In the morning I give a shot of Ozium to sanitize the air. Oodh incense is about the only burning kind I use. Other than that, I have a wax warmer I use to diffuse essential oils, if there is any stench (like college kiddies smoking skunkweed outside my window) the Aloeswood can't handle.
  • Frebreeze and ZeroOdor sprays.

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