• I don't think there is anything wrong with showing anger if it's justified. Being rude isn't always bad. Soif my son runs into traffic would I be justified in 1) showing anger and 2) spanking him? That's for his own protction. However, a car cutting someone off and road rage ensuing would not be a reason to resort to anything physical - period. In speaking on intense topics, consider the following of people being angry and trying not to be rude: Listen to how Amy Goodman responds to racist remarks here: Listen to how Chomsky deals with this issue here when he is thratned: Tariq Ali also deals with it on here: There are more examples
  • never show anger -smile-and wait....
  • yes...
  • Yes ... and sometimes that is more effective than ranting and raving. People will take you more seriously when you communicate it in a calm, but assertive way.
  • Oh course. Just because we disagree, It doesn't mean I have to call you names too.
  • 90% of the time I can.
  • AS I perceive - yes, as others believe maybe not or at least not all the time.
  • I can and I do ALL of the time. I for sure get pissed over things but I keep it together and remember that I can't take back my words if they are hurtful or just plain mean. I can be over the top when I'm angry so I pay particular attention to what is going on with me when I'm angry. I hate to get myself all wrapped up with anger I'm saying crazy stuff. The other person or party get where I'm comming from. If they refuse to just let things be.....Unfortunatley I have become physical so it's why I keep my cool.
  • Showing anger is being rude to me. If I am shown anger it always means that the person is out-of-control, doesn't understand or is looking for an excuse for a fight. While not understanding may not be rude, it could be hostile. :)

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