• I didn't know about computers when I was a child, so no.
  • Nice question, puppylover. I wanted to be a pediatrician. Until I got to college and couldn't pass a science course. But I find that things in life happen for a reason. Now I work in the travel industry, pursuing my true passion in life! :)
  • It was. I wanted to be a hairstylist my whole life. I was one until about 7 years ago. Now I am pursuing my other dream job; teaching art and history. Am I blessed or what?
  • Yup. Whilst I toyed with the idea of law or journalism, and I did indeed end up with a Journalism minor, I'm now working in welfare and qualified in welfare - something I always wanted to do.
  • Not even close. I wanted to be a horse trainer, but without the contacts or the money or family support I couldn't do it. I also never got to go to college to become a teacher or a lawyer. Instead I became a retail clerk so I could get away from my family and went to work in a factory to get away from my exhusband. And now I'm stuck.
  • It never was THEE career choice. I've always thought... or maybe I'll be a teacher but it wasn't til my junior year of highschool that I really thought about it... and it wasn't until my senior year that I KNEW I wanted to do it.
  • No and Yes - I love working with people so I guess that's what count's
  • Well, I don't have a job obviously, I'm only 13. Anyway, when I was more little, I wanted to help animals, I wanted an animal job. Now I want to work for Archie comics and draw for them.
  • Back in kindergarten, I wanted to be an ice cream man :-P. Today, in 8th grade (I think I still count as "child"), I've taken an interest in engineering and theme park and want to be an Imagineer (engineers that design the parks, hotels, and attractions in Disney parks).
  • No, I work for the office of administrative courts. Courtrooms and legal matters were things I never heard of much less thought of pursing as a career. I wanted to be a cowboy and later dreamed of being a writer.
  • When I was growing up I told my mom I wanted to be a rock n' roll scientist. Today, I work as a chemical engineer and I have a band on the side. I don't think it could get much better than that...except maybe if my band hit it big and I got paid millions!
  • It certainly is. I'm living in the sun on a pension. Cheers!
  • Not in a million years. But I also did not have any schooling or common sense back then either!
  • No, I used to want to be a teacher... I dunno, I guess I thought it would be fun to boss kids around and have all those holidays off. Until I had to help tutor my neighbour, I realized how hard it is to get some kids to listen, behave, sit with you and try to help them understand what you're trying to explain to them. I wasn't sure if the kid got what I was saying or not. So I stopped tutoring; my excuse was the kid was too young to have a tutor - he always wanted to play games instead. Now I think I have more respect for (good) teachers so I think I behave better in school... Now, the career choice I want for sure is either a graphic designer or desktop publisher... simply because I enjoy doing them. My plan B is to be a mailman lady.
  • the career i left last year is the one i wanted as a child. the one i'm working on now (and for the last several years) is one that i had an interest in as a child, wanted to learn in high school but finally started in '99.
  • No. I don't remember what I wanted to be as a kid. I think it changed like every week. I never dreamed I would be a receptionist. But I suppose my career path is about to be paved as I havent started school for what I really want, which is to be a Pastry Chef! I don't think I ever dreamed about making pastries, but i definitely dreamed about eating them!
  • I wish... I graduated and am going through a non-ending job search but I'm stuck working in a mall for now.. I want to be a counselor/couples therary. Life is funny.. you study hard and when your done its more struggles that give you company.. anywayz.. wish me luck
  • My answer is yes and no. I wanted to be a chemical engineer. When I graduated from college I was a chem engr in a paper plant for six months, went to graduate school, became an operations analyst in electronics Industry (nothing to do with chemical engineering) and after about 14 years got into procee control in a chemical plant, was there for three years, then went into computer service- I am a classic example of having multiple careers in multiple industries over your work life- have been a teacher, engineer, manager, executive, in chemical, computer, consulting, environmental engineering, energy, startup,..
  • Nope, so far the Superstar thing has'nt worked out for me. I'm currently studying Computer Science in college but If im not at least singing in a church choir or auditioning for something I find I really can't be happy. I'm probably doomed to a life of insignificance.
  • Nope. I slid into my current career by accident.
  • Unfortunately no, my career choice is long past due. I wanted to either be a nurse or a hair stylist but back when i was 16 (now 48) we weren't really encouraged to go to university etc. I got a very good job right after graduation in cable tv.., then was a secretary for a busisness, learning on the job yrs pasted I got married had 2 children and went on with my life. Now I am divorced after 20yrs, been on my own for almost 7yrs. I do have a full time job in sales which for most part I do enjoy but now I could have used a career job as wages, health plans computer skills are all necessary..The good thing out of all of this is I always encouraged my 2 sons now 19 & 22 to go after their dreams and get a far my 19 yr old is finishing up studies in 3d graphic and design in computers and is well on his way to an awesome future and very successful. my other son 22 is now the manager of a very upscale restaurant which he accomplished even before he finished business at university, which he is now doing both..His girlfriend is finishing up university as an elementary school they are both well on their way for successful that makes what I didn't do not so hard to take because i see in my sons the abilities and committment and I am content
  • No way!
  • Nope...thought I'd be a teacher or librarian and ended up an accountant, which I totally loved. Life's journey is always interesting and sometimes surprising. :)
  • nope!! i was stupid and got preggo so now im stuck working at radioshack as a sales associate. i always wanted to be a doctor. i love the medical field. guess that has flown out the window.
  • Yes, I retired very young.

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