• Beat up, no. Whooped, plenty.
  • The closet I have come to that is getting hit with a switch on the butt.
  • Actually yes I have been beaten by my father, recently. The first time it Happened I was in such bad shape afterwards I couldn't go to work I was bleeding for hours, he said stuff like you'll never be my son, your not even human in my eyes, you don't even deserve the respect I would give an animal. Do you wanna know why he did this, can you beleive he did this to me all because, I'm gay. He beat my ass black and blue for weeks because he couldn't accept the fact that I'm gay. Finally after two weeks I fought back and kicked his ass so bad (but not nearly as bad as he did) that he won't even talk to me. For right now I think that's best case scenario, because it has caused me so much pain to think that my own father would hurt me because of me. Now I have to learn to live without the support of a father. I have a full-time job I am also a full time student what time does that give me to spend with my boyfriend, what time does that give me for homework? Plus I've had to lie about my pain and bruises. To be honest after this whole ordeal is done I don't think that I'll ever talk with my father again. I can't even sleep because of him, I have terrible night terrors now. U wake up scratching my neck because I think he's choking me. The only good thing that comes out of going through something like this is I'll be much more aware of how unaccepting this world is and how much hatred exists here.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm so sorry that happened to you.
  • i was beatin, because i deserved it. i have a son, and i dont have the nerve to give him a spanking.
  • No, because my parents weren't abusive and knew how to discipline properly. There were spankings when I was little but that's it.
  • Yes. My stepfather pulled me out of bed by my hair and kicked me repeatedly while he was wearing cowboy boots. I think it was because I complained because he was running a saw at 6am on a Saturday and I wanted to sleep in? Or because I wouldn't get out of bed when he told me to?
  • My father was able to run after a 12 year old and was still able to kick him in the rear. Never figured out how he did that. Likely in most quarters (no pun) that would be considered abuse. Beat-up, no. .
  • i used to get the belt growing up but i cant remember why
  • i got the belt growing up, not sure why
  • i would get the belt a lot, not sure why

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