• you can get any kind of degree you want ... whether or not you can get a job in any profession is a different matter
  • You can get any degree you want,getting a job is another story!! *mind you,you might be accepted by certain schools!!
  • the third?
  • Bachelor of criminology, lol! Sorry, you can get any degree you want provided you are ready to study and study hard and forget the past. Nobody is born criminal, its just the circumstances--same crcumstances which take Obama to the Presidentship of the United States and forced Saddam Hussein to face a humiliating death. Its all about destiny. But you can write your own destiny with those very hands an mind which were forced to commit a crime. You can prove the fucking destiny wrong by fighting back with grit and determination to be what you want to be!
  • You can get a degree in international business(Import/Export). Most fowarding agencies are run by mexican brokers and they don't check criminal records. As soon as you start college and earn your first hours(credits) you can start working as a traffic clerk for them and escalate your way up or just finish your degree which is a four year degree and be second in command from the broker. You can also just get a degree in business or business management and open your own business. You can also study criminal justice(law enforcement) and become a bounty hunter. There are numerous other jobs that don't check criminal records and most of them exclude, working for counties, districts, cities, states, and districts. So look for any career that goes around that and go for it. Before enrolling in school, talk to an advisor and I'm sure they'll be able to direct you better than I am. Good Luck and Go For It, Don't let anything hold you back. One more thing, you can always get your record espunged-I hope I spelled that right(lol) and become a clean slate again, it costs a couple of thousand dollars maybe 5Gs max, and you have nothing to worry about, the sky is the limit!!
  • become a lawyer. attorney. barrister. judge.
  • Any one you want. Some may be easier for you though - banking may fit your proclivities :-)
  • Law degree. Just consider your past "unique and intimate insight".
  • Many prisoners obtain a degree while incarcerated. Having a record will not have any bearing on your studying or your ability to pass examinations.
  • like everyone said, you can get a degree in anything. i might recommend looking into juvenile counselor or social services. your past could actually help and guide today's youth. just something to think about but you should follow whatever your heart desires. whatever your interested in.

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