• I thought everyone did. Maybe not. I use my debit card as a credit card and not have to use the pin.
  • In my experience, most people are not the least bit aware of the difference, and they are usually surprised to find out they aren't the same. Finances are outside the mental grasp of many people. They were taught to hate math in school, and anything that involves numbers is math AAArrrrggggghhhh.
  • one comes from my bank account at the time of purchase the other i pay off the next month from my bank account either way my bank account suffers. +5
  • I certainly do. My Debit card my money comes straight out of my account. My Credit card I continue to get the interest until I pay the card off in full at the end of each month. That way the card works for me not me for it.
  • I think you mean a debit, credit and store card. One lets you choose how to waste your money, one lets you waste money and then pay it back with interest, one charges you before it will let you waste money and then lets you pay it back with interest.
  • I've no idea how many know the difference. I know I do, that a debit card pays for something and a credit card promises to pay. but there are legal differences. Credit cards have limited liability for misuse, debit cards have no such protection. In addition, credit cards also often have various goodies attached to them - such as extended warranties. These benefits are of course financed by the penalties and surcharges the credit card expects to impose on its victims. Think of a debit card as plastic cash., a credit card as a tiger you have by the tail.
  • i guess many, as what they concern more is they dont have to use money at that time of buying..

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