• Pretty soon, Hershey's will be opening a plant in Paris, so they can make FRENCH KISSES. +5
  • ummm, actually i live right down the road from Hershey PA and believe me, it's still there ...
  • Did not know that they had some outside the U.S. I live about 20 miles from a Hershey plant here in Illinois.
  • Welcome to the 21st century Neo-Liberal dream world, where transnational corporations get to scour the world for the most squalid lowest-cost conditions for their labor force, while the rest of us are stuck with the consequences.
  • Cheaper labor. If you could buy the same thing for less (labor, a product, a service), what would you do?
  • i live rather near hershey, and i can assure you that the company has not moved to mexico. the area still smells like chocolate. maybe they just opened a production plant there. more importantly, however, hershey's chocolate sucks!
  • Yeah, no wonder. They have had a plant there for a while now and nobody even knows it. People really don't pay much attention until it's too late. A lot of jobs are being lost to Mexico, China, etc. As long as people still see the plants here they think everything is fine, but what they don't see is that a majority of the product is being made outside of the US (cheaper) and the companies keep the US plants open for tax right offs and for show. America needs to wake up.
  • The general offices are in Hershey, PA. They have plants: * Robinson, IL * Hazleton, PA * Hershey, PA * Lancaster, PA * Memphis, TN * Stuarts Draft, VA * Sao Roque, Brazil * Guadalajara, Mexico * Monterrey, Mexico
  • at least you can still buy it here

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