• I may not be a man, but I want to answer anyway :-P Orange skin Foul language Obesity Blonde hair with long black roots Two faced-ness
  • Belly buttons that stick out!!!
  • bad hygiene, abnormal deformity,or a bad attitude
  • Hairy armpits
  • Obesity is one characteristic I dislike. For anything else it's on a case-by-case basis, it's not easy to pin down any particular attribute.
  • not using her southern charms that she is blessed with :P +5
  • arrogance
  • Needyness. I can't stand a woman that is all needy
  • Smoking. :)
  • Not repulsive, but less desirable ... Body hair ... Ugly feet ... Excessive make-up ... Excessive jewelry ... Obese ... Pretence ... This works ;))
  • Ici, I'm concerned that you answered this gender specific question. :-)
  • Conceitedness
  • 1. Horniness outside of love. I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm just saying that it turns me off. 2. Angry or blatantly passive-agressive disposition. 3. Obesession with her own looks.
  • Excessive makeup Being too skinny or too obese (naturally plump and curvy is good though) Lack of personal hygeine
  • Their plumbing. (I'm gay)
  • Swearing is a big turn off. +5
  • +5 Excessive neediness and/or co-dependency (as distinguished from interdependency)-- both lend themselves to jealousy. The inability to carry an intelligent conversation on a variety of topics. Greediness. Selfishness and competitiveness over insignificant things (especially when against her siblings or colleagues). A standoffish attitude-- for no reason other than to be b****y. For those that dress or try to act like men: the pseudo-masculinity. (I'm not necessarily referring to wearing a uniform that is somewhat masculine by design.) To them: wou're a woman so be feminine and womanly!! Don't pit yourself against a man as if you are more masculine than he is. It is insulting for a female masculine wannabe to front as if you are the genuine article. Love what you are and be what you are-- a woman. To the woman trying to be pseudo-male: be feminine, plllleease!! These provoke all kinds of interpersonal problems-- Who needs it?!! I celebrate a woman of feminine grace who exhibits intelligent, mature character.
  • Smoking, don't want to kiss an ashtray. Coffee breath. An attitude problem.
  • Too much fake tan Tattoos Hairy Pits Hard skin on feet Bad attitude/Rude/Generally LOUD General Hatred of men
  • Vanity!
  • Sarcasm
  • Repulsive? Strong word. I don't like women who make it obvious that they don't like men. I'm not talking about lesbians either. I'm talking about heterosexual women who seem, truth be told, to only enjoy the phallic potential of a man, possibly accompanied by the love of his wallet. Sure, most non-thinking guys would love to be some dominatrix' sex toy. Uh huh. Until its HE who wants. In this day and age, women have less reason than ever to hate men. It makes no sense. On the other side of the coin? I don't like a woman who is what we always called a "prick tease". Ladies, there are two basic types of men: The nice guys and the bad guys. I can't think of one sane reason to tease a guy -making him think he's going to get sex from you, when you have no intention of giving it up. Teasing a bad guy that way is obviously stupid, unless your secret desire is to be probed by a doctor collecting evidence. Why tease a nice guy? Sloppy fat or just plain sloppy? Ewww... Halter tops in January? Stupid ain't sexy. Plastic shoes? Imagining those sweaty feet just makes me wretch inside. Well, I imagine I've earned my way into a "not helpful" rating by now, so I'll quit.
  • Women who are overly clingy, needy, manipulative, two-faced, lack independence, no sense of humour and who do not make an effort to take care of themselves.

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