• learn to control your anger and let time to prove you true +5
  • Sorry to be honest with you but this sounds like a toxic relationship from the start. You may lust after eachother, but it sounds like as soon as you get together the wars begin! Unless you are BOTH willing to actively address your issues, I wouldn't even attempt to get back together. Take some time to sit down and talk about it seriously. Be completely honest.
  • He apparently still loves his ex. especially, since he texted her in front of you. This may be just an excuse to dump you. Sorry to say this, but this is how some men operate. All you can do is to wait and see what happens.
  • Love and hurt go hand in hand. You can't promise to never hurt him again because you probably will. You probably should have talked to him about your issues with him texting his ex instead of being mean

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