• I was baptised as an adult, and it was the best day of my life. It means that you are declaring, publicly, that your heart is one with the Lord and that it's your desire to be a new creation in Him. It was a thrilling day for me, getting up before the congregation, giving my testimony (scary!!!) and then getting dunked. It was awesome.
  • :)
  • Water baptism is a public demonstration that a person has dedicated his life to God and is presenting himself to do His will.
  • To accept the faith.
  • it means cleansing your spirit of all the ungodlyness, and iniquity that lies in your soul. it means starting over from that point on a better note and trying to live by God's will from then on. it is hard, no one oever said its easy to obey, God, but that is what it means to me.
  • suckered ! and if you are young ;....,,being forced into a cult ,against your will so they can brainwash you early and easier. ,child drafting , recuiting. and selling out your child to a group that has murdered , hung , burned , drowned people to further their faith . subjucting you to lies about other faith , and taught to celebrate stolen pagan holidays and call them your own. ........ in short ignorance .
  • Something that ocurred in my infancy, which my parents arranged, in order to conform to the community norm. And which is meaningless to me.
  • i will never forget this special day. our church always has a celebration by the park and my baptism was a wonderful day. those who were being baptized got to pick out 3 songs, mine were victory in Jesus, i'll fly away, and when the roll is called up yonder. thank you for the memories +5 (it is the outward sign or the inward change)
  • It made me feel kind of drunk;D After which I became able to hear God's thoughts for me, and they're always true.<I am saying this because I can't hear voices, but he talks to me through my thoughts.
  • A cleansing of one's understanding through Jesus Christ.
  • sorry , meant to comment
  • It symbolizes the survival of God's judgement. having your sin die and being able to live. However, it is just a symbolism and nothing more, and not essential in the walk with christ.
  • Symbolic death and rebirth
  • Nothing, therefore i have not been baptised and dont intend to. But respect to all you guys that believe in that stuff.
  • It's the first step in a long process of meticulous indoctrination. Nothing more.
  • I found this on a blog: "Baptism is a public display of our faith that announces to everyone that we believe and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a symbolic representation of us dying in our sins (going under the water) and being raised in Christ (coming out of the water). This is why we are not left under the water when we are baptized: we share in Christ's resurrection and therefore our pastor typically lifts us up." Source:
  • It means being Born Again in spiritual rebirth. John 3:6 "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."
  • Matt. 7:6. I wouldn't mind discussing these things amongst a group of believers, but in public media there are too many people who don't believe and wouldn't be respectful of something that is precious to me, so I don't usually discuss them in these type forums. And also to respect their nonbelief and sometimes disgust at the subject. Some of them have been deeply hurt through religion. I'd like respect in return to the point I don't think I deserve to be attacked because of my religious beliefs. Thank you.
  • The Bible clearly teaches that if you want to serve God, you should get baptized. Baptism is a requirement for Christians, and it is an essential step to gaining salvation. Your baptism symbolizes your dedication. It is a solemn promise that you made to God to love him and to put his will above everything else.
  • Getting baptized means I'm sorry for my sins and rebellion against God and I have now agreed to follow Jesus Christ I'm going to symbolize that decision today by having somebody dunk me under the water and when I rise out of the water I will call upon Jesus to forgive my sins. That's the beginning of the Christian walk.
  • As a Catholic, my baptism happened when I was a baby. When I was a teenager, I was asked to confirm the baptismal vows my elders had made for me. That is the experience of most Catholics I think. I answered the questions and received the anointing oil of chrismation. I thought it was all a direct link to a couple thousand years of my family history.

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