• Because you let others convince you of it.
  • It doesn't help to keep confirming to yourself that you "are weak minded". Watch what you say to yourself! Your words are very powerful. Be kind to yourself, as you would be to any friend. Tell yourself GOOD, happy, and positive things that will make you strong minded. Only YOU can do this. Try, and DON'T give up!
  • No, I don't know you really, but I don't feel you are weak minded, if that helps.
  • because you are choosing to be weak minded, you have the choice not to be. if you have a choice, you can make a difference!!!
  • I would suggest getting some counciling with the goal of improving your self image and possibly some assertiveness training. Be sure to seek out a reputable, licensed, professional. I seriously doubt you are weak minded. After this find something you are interested in and then study it. I would recommend college as a start, or High School if you have not finished that yet.
  • Yes - I feel your weak minded too.
  • No, my mind is one of the few things I have that still works! My memory isn't as good as it used to be though.

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