• By sitting them down and being totally honest with them on the risks, and hows and whys of pregnancy, stds etc, and how to prevent them, and by making myself as approachable as I possibly could, so if they decided they were going to have sex they could come to me for answers, and preventive measures. So far its seems to have worked out ok, my teenager talks to me about everything (I hope) and hasn't asked for birth control or condoms, and hasn't turned up pregnant.
  • carefully. the do,dont's and the consequences
  • You don't let them learn in school. When my mom used to try I would abort... talk about awkward
  • I never actually had "the talk" with mine. I talked about things as they came up. I was always honest which at times wasn't particularly easy. When they know if they ask you are going to be honest, they ask about everything, and I mean everything. So my kids and I pretty much talked about all of it probably earlier than the parents who had the planned sex talk. I mean, the first time a child asks you about the pregnant woman, a big discussion is about to happen. Why how why how how how why why
  • How can you say there's risk to sex in one answer and that the risk of Ecstasy is no more dangerous than riding a horse. Sounds like you need to read more bad outcomes from ecstasy. Your kid might not come up pregnant, but what is she going to think or do if you down play the dangers of drugs.
  • My oldest daughter refused to listen when I tried to tell her...covering her ears and loudly going...lah lah lah lah lah get the My youngest son and youngest daughter I sat them down and just told them the honest truth about everything. They asked questions and I answered to the best of my knowledge. I also got them books on the subject to help out.
  • quite easily, they know from many other sources thiese days, its in your face everywhere
  • Came right out with it, especially when no questions were being asked by them. +5
  • i sign the permission form for them to take it in school and if they have any questions or inquiries about it then we would talk about it

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