• Absolutely. Trying is the first step toward success/succeeding.
  • None of us are perfect parents. And I guess it would really depend on how hard you are trying. Mama always said, If you've done you're best and did all you know to do...that's all you can do.
  • Absolutely unacceptable! You must be a perfect parent just by luck and no experience whatsoever! You just have to be naturally good at it. If you aren't perfect, then you must donate your child to the work force, ASAP! of course its fine! What my concern would be is if you didn't try:-)
  • Thats how we all begin.
  • Kids don't come with owner's manuals. If you are doing your best to teach your child right from wrong, with the why, as in why this is right and that is wrong, if you are disciplining your child with love and instruction when he doesn't do the right thing, if you are seeing to your child's education, if you are providing the best nourishing food, decent, clean clothing and shelter, all of which are comparable to what you are providing yourself, then you are doing a decent job. If it were politically correct these days, I'd add if you are seeing to your child's religious instruction, but of course, that isn't allowed these days.
  • What really matters is that your heart is in the right place. I've been a parent for almost 23 years. I have made many mistakes along the way, but I've done alot of the right things too. As a parent, you have to accept that you aren't perfect, and don't beat yourself up about. Almost everything can be fixed or corrected. You learn to make good decisions with experience. You get experience by making bad decisions. ((hugs))
  • It sounds like you are trying very hard. Enjoy as much as you can. +5
  • Lynn is pretty :):):):)
  • The fact that you know you arent perfect is good. Just keep doing the best you can.
  • I'm not a perfect parent either. I have two sons who are amazing in spite of me. They've seen me screw up and make more than several mistakes, and admit to them. From this, they've learned it's okay to make mistakes and they've also seen me overcome them. They know everything will be alright as long as we have each other and they know they are loved. I'm a good enough parent, I suppose. The day I start thinking I'm a perfect parent is the day that I start living a lie. +4
  • No, it's only ok if you try your best.;-))))) Many good wishes!
  • there is no such thing as perfect parents, if you care enough to ask, your doing something right
  • You have a responsibility to try.
  • did you really not know the answer to this ? lynn come on you know it is ok to try ! that is what parents do. +5
  • mom ?,,,, is that you ? get off AB ,,, i'm at school waiting for you ;-)
  • We are not all perfect. Take one day at a time and it will work out. Always remember be up there ass. And get into there business even when they tell you to mind your own business.
  • Nobody is born perfect.

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