• Yes, although I think it's the person who the car is registered to that is responsible for the fine. You probably should pay it for them, if they're nice enough to let you use their car.
  • Yes, but you won't pay the fine.
  • Its legal but not right...The citation is supposed to be issued to the owner of the vehicle. However, The driver is responsible for vehilce while in possession of it. If the citation is in your name you will be responsible for the fines, and or court date on the citation. The owner of the vehicle should be kind enough to pay any all fines and court costs.
  • Yes. Another example would be if you parked the borrowed car and you received a parking ticket. Usually if you show proof that the owner has paid the license and registration fee, the ticket will be dismissed. Don't pay the registration and licensing fee for the owner unless you feel extremely obligated. Instead appear in court on the appointed date and explain the situation to the judge. "Your Honor, I borrowed my friend's car, didn't realize the tags had expired, I've asked him to pay the fees . . ." I'd take the chance that if a fine is imposed, it would be cheaper than purchasing the tags.
  • yes and its dependant upon state and what laws apply if you have to pay it or the owner of the car because some states hold the current driver responsible by saying you should have checked all of that before borrowing the car
  • Yes and I believe (contrary to other responders) that the driver of the car (not the owner of the car) IS responsible for any fines that might be associated with the ticket.

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