• You'll have to go to court to prove it, and then you'll end up trumping up some others charges that can occur if you're lying.
  • i think the real question is why did she file the charges in the first place & now is trying to drop them.
  • He now, she'll have to face charges for filing a false policy report. Love it!
  • Yes, but she'll get in a bit of trouble. Much less trouble than if you have that on your record though, you shuld definitely contest it in court if she won't drop them on her own.
  • how about taking responsibilty for the things youve done? and let me guess- your dominating her into saying she filed a false report so she'll get the rap.
  • It's not up to the police to determine who is innocent or guilty. That will have to be decided in court. You just have to tell the judge what happened in your own words...and don't lie!
  • You beat up your girlfriend and now you want her to get in trouble for "filing a false report"? God, you suck.
  • This is like adding fuel to the fire. You cannot tell one lie to make up for another. Follow through with the case and see what happens in court. Filing a false report is also a violation of law. You are in a no win situation. The assault charge cannot be dropped, since the officer is the prosecutor.
  • once police are called on domestic violence....its in their hands, not yours....dropping charges was the way it used to be....can't do that anymore.....she could be liable for her actions as you are for yours!!
  • The charges against you may be dropped, but new ones will be taken up against her for filing a false report.
  • You cannot get the charges dropped. It is now the DA who is prosecuting you. She will get in trouble for filing a false police report. If she did not file a false police report, then she should not have to take the consequenses for it. Go to court and tell the truth.
  • That's pathetic!

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