• Distracted driving. I'm sure the stats are available.
  • Distracted driving? +5
  • Road rage is distracted driving. The greatest danger is distracted driving which I find to include road rage: my road rage anyway. LOL
  • I think distracted driving might be a little worse because it will, no doubt, cause some to road rage.
  • Distracted driving,as I live in a small town,we dont rage at each other!lOL But we are all chatting on the phones!
  • Road rage, I would say. I normally drive with my thoughts elsewhere. I have been driving for 40 years now its second nature to me. But I always stay within the speed limits. Road rage could certainly make things really bad for seditious drivers like me.
  • Distracted driving it causes road rage.
  • Distracted driving, texting, talking to friends, etc...
  • road rage.
  • distracted drvng. discovery just did a thing on this tonight. it was called "the science of traffic" or something like that. see if you can find it
  • Statistically speaking, I'd have to say distracted driving. Simply because it's FAR more prevalent than road rage.
  • Distracted drivers... for one it is more common today in our fast paced world with cell phones computers and CDs /radio/music, eating while driving because you didnt have time before you left, heck I see woman putting on their makeup while driving, Oh and lets not forget the kids argueing in the back seat...or the conversations that are so engrossing that you cant pay attention to the road.... There is always something to destract a driver....there are so many things I couldnt begin to name them all! Road rage is bad but less common alot of people may get a moment of rage but they stop before it goes to far... not all of them do but most I would say.
  • Distracted driving because it is so much more prevalent.
  • Road rage..the person is a loose cannon who can go off at any time, any place, at any one. That speaks to character, or lack thereof.
  • Definitely distracted driving (although people have shot each other over parking places on the city streets). There was a story on the news of a lady killed in an accident while on the cell phone on the expressway. She was talking to her husband, who was driving behind her. They both became distracted - he plowed into her and she died. To me, that says it all.

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