• I'm so glad you're interested in being an excellent hostess! I believe strongly in the restaurant business and the calling to provide good food and service. What I value most in restaurant service is: -Making people feel welcome -Developing a trust relationship -Trying hard to remember customers and recognize and welcome them when they return -Doing whatever it takes to help the restaurant be successful and a source of pride.
  • remember everything. its good that you really want to do a good job. you will end up making more money that way =)
  • alot less clothes,blowjobs for big tippers
  • As you greet and speak with the patrons, always remember tat you are there to serve them, and not vice-versa!
  • I would say be very friendly and pleasant always have a smile on your face... Good lUCK
  • make sure if you are on a wait that all the tables are sat at all times,if not the kitchen will get overloaded because everything will come in at once, also do not double or triple seat servers unless you have to because you will end up taking the brunt of their frustration, and pay attention to rotation servers will notice if someone else has more tables then them
  • YOU are the first impression the customer will receive so at all times, keep a sincere smile on your face and a good attitude. It doesn't matter if everyone else is in a bad mood or feeling crappy. It doesn't matter if the chef is burning all the meals. It doesn't matter if it was your day off. Smile and be grateful for the pay cheque. If someone ask you a question, be professional and have an answer ready. If you don't know the answer, don't say "Uh, um, yeah, well, ah". Politely say "Let me find out for you!" I don't know what kind of restaurant this is but think about where your customers will be most happy....don't put a romantic couple beside a table of screaming kids if you can help it! An elderly couple will not want to sit near a loud speaker. Do you have activities for the kids like travel games, coloring pages and crayons or books? When I was a hostess and kids were getting bored towards the end of the meal, I would ask the parents if I could take the child to make a special dessert, depending on their age. They could pick out a piece of pie or cake, perhaps ice cream with a cherry and some whip cream. They could choose a special drink if they like. Parents were grateful and the kids calmed down with the attention.
  • That's wonderful!! Congratulations, dear. I am so happy for you! Please know that, no matter if you do everything perfectly, some patrons will be impossible to please, and they will be total trolls about it. Everyone who has ever worked in the service industry knows that the customer ISN'T always right. Of course, you don't have to say that out loud to them :) +5
  • Treat customers a you would be wanted to be taken care of if you were the customer paying the bill for the food and giving an apporpriate tip to the waitress. If I get good service I'm inlcined to the 20% tipping category. If you are the hostess, waitresses should give you a share of the tips. That's just common courtesy. There are others who work in 'the back room' who never see a share of tips.
  • EDIT: Oops, posted that twice.
  • Hey, I'm sorry this is completely unrelated, but could you do me a favor and email me at I have a question about something you posted on a question here at this site. Thanks a lot. And congratulations on getting a job as a hostess. I wish you the best of luck.
  • work for tips, so you can buy nice clothes to wear at work.
  • You are the face of the establishment; the impression you give carries through the customer's entire experience. That's an important position. Smile, be friendly, and always apologize for the slightest wait time.

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