• I dont really have write to judge but it does change the way I see him as a person.
  • I think it is just nudity, and there really is no need to get all up in arms because somebody is performing part of a play sans clothes.
  • I fully support his choice, and congratulate him on his fantastic performance in such a critically acclaimed play. I think it's ridiculous that people think they have any say in the choices he makes in his career. I appreciate that young children are fans of his and that it may create a headache for parents who have to explain why "Harry" is appearing nude on stage, but he is a young adult who wants to expand his choices, and his career. He can't be expected to make "kid friendly" choices for the rest of his life. Harry Potter is a character he plays, not a character that defines him as a person.
  • It's just that he is so young...that is all I worry about...
  • He looks great naked... I am just surprised he wasn't circumcised as his mother is Jewish.

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