• don't spank children with all your force. and children should not be abused.
  • I live by the Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have others do unto you and I believe in being good for goodness's sake. Live and let live is another one that plays a huge role in my life, I don't want others telling me how to live and I have no desire to tell you how to live.
  • the 'Golden Rule' is definetly number 1. and 2 is not to waste any opportunity given which betters my life without worsening others'.
  • I do not like to categorize my life into absolutes. there are always shades of gray. It always depends on the specific situation and I do my best to see what I can do for the best outcome for all people involved. You can't look at life through the cookie cutter because you will always miss parts that are important. I'm not trying to avoid the question, I kind of see this as my morals. Not to use past occurrences to judge new ones, because a new situation deserves it's own thought out solution. But still trying to learn from past mistakes, avoid repeating history. Finding balance between those.
  • I believe in helping people out without expecting anything in return--in today's world you don't find that much.
  • 1) "Good is better than bad because it is nicer." ... This is very like to the 'love thy neighbour' of Christianity and most every other religion. Only even more vauge, and that I consider an improvement. The sentence is copied from the comic strip 'Lill Abner' where Ma Jokum give it as advice to her son. 2) "Deceiving and Dominating others make you smaller, not bigger." ... That is my own (and should be better formulated). It comes from noticing that criminals and powerful people tend to lose their trust in and their liking for other people. regards JakobA
  • 1. Don't judge a book by it's cover. (Ofcourse I do judge, but I only do this in my head. I am way too curious to find out what someone is really about.) 2. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Another thing I really live by is actually something Napoleon once said 'If you want something to be done perfectly, do it yourself.' A great solution to me.
  • 1. Be true to yourself. 2. Treat others as they treat you. 3. Always work to be better than you are but never think you're better than anyone else.
  • Don't let anyone think for you and don't try to think for anyone else.
  • Just one: Be good.
  • 1. honesty 2. responsibility. why do you ask, do you think athiests don't have morals?
  • i am not an atheists but i respect all of the great answers, sorry for the intrusion +5
  • moral # 1 - never tell anyone your morals. moral #2 - see moral #1 ;-)
  • The main one would be to treat other people the way I would like to be treated myself. I'm not 100% successful of course, but I aim at it. The other is to remember the best way to a happy, contented life is to balance doing what I really want to do with helping those around me feel happy and contented as well. It all springs from the reality that mankind is a social animal - needing others to simply survive AND to stay sane.
  • Honesty Helping others. Why?
  • 1 Do nothing to harm anyone. 2. Let other people do whatever they wish to do, as long as they are harming no one.
  • Avoid harming others. avoid judging others
  • Most important principle behind my morals that I can find: Do not cause harm or suffering, if at all possible. Do what you can to alleviate and prevent harm and suffering. If necessary, a hierarchy exists in that human beings' lack of harm and suffering is more important than other living things' lack of harm and suffering. 1- Try not to cause suffering. 2- Try to understand systems, cause and effect beyond the surface you see so that you can more effectively prevent suffering.
  • well , for one , they dont do this as the bible tell poeple to do !
  • Treat other people as I wish to be treated. Do the least harm to the least amount of people.
  • I can list one. The golden rule.
  • Treat everyone with respect.(regardless of their beliefs) and they will return it in kind. Teach my children the importance of the family.
  • It pisses me off that Christians always believe they have somehow cornered the damn market on morality because they are Christians. It is the most annoying quality they have.
  • Respect the dignity of all living beings. Be true to yourself.
  • 1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 2. To thine own self be true. Neither are very original... I've heard a rumour that there may even be some of "them" (you know, those religious types) that live by these as well. Hope these help.

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