• In Australia, we are used to seeing the British actors in films, so they were not new to us...Alan Rickman was the Sherrif of Nottingham in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, anyway. Maggie Smith became famous years ago the The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Ralph Fiennes was in Schindler's List, Emma Thompson was in many Shakespearean films with her ex husband Kenneth Branagh, as well as Wit and Sense and Sensibility.
  • Well Ralphy F was the madman in Red Dragon so I knew him and Alan Rickman was the debonair sociopath coniving madman whom I admired in Die Hard....and I remember the two other heads of the school from various other works...But the young cast is resilient and interesting...And yes, I was introduced to the younger cast via the Potter flicks.
  • Yes. Voldemort was the talk of the town when that Quantas scandal took place. Speaking of which, I'm flying Quantas next week. *shudder*
  • Mostly just the kids were new to me. This is where I knew them from. Richard Harris - Camelot, A Man Called Horse Maggie Smith - Death on the Nile, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (she won an oscar for this) Robbie Coltrane - Nuns on the Run Alan Rickman - Galaxy Quest, Dogma, Die Hard Ralph Fiennes - Strange Days
  • Just the kids were new to me. Several of the adult actors have been in many other movies.

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