• I actually ruined a stove from (accidentally) leaving the burner on under hot grease, after frying up potatoes and chicken fried steak. It took a fire extinguisher and a box of baking soda (and 4 lbs. of flour, LoL), to finally get it out! My wife had the phone in her hand (to call 911) when I finally got it under control. That one really scared me!
  • Yes, I turned on the wrong element once, it had a pan of grease on it witch went up in flames.
  • I had some impressive sparks flying in my microwave when a tiny bit of tin foil was stuck to a container I was nuking, but no actual fires.
  • Yeah this was a real bonehead move too. Worked at a fast food restaurant and lit the wrong burner and lit the burner under the pot that contained *all* the cooking utensils for the restaurant. Needless to say the black smoke later was a giveaway that we had a big problem.
  • No..I haven't had such an excitement. +5
  • Somehow forgot to watch a skillet full of oil and it caught fire. What to use? Extinguisher? Baking soda? Fortunately I thought of the two right things to do: turn off the heat, and put a cover on the skillet.
  • Yes, as you know Nunya I can't cook and when I have tried it was a disaster and yes I have caused fire! lol +5 Best, Jonathan
  • Not yet but there is always tomorrow. lets not keep our fingers crossed I don't like fires in the house.
  • I had a fire in the stove once. I was still a newlywed. I had come home from work early and wanted to surprise her with a nice meal. I didn't cook much back then, but decided to cook duck. I thought you broiled meat, not bake it. Anyway, after a little while she came home and the house was filled with smoke. She opened the stove and the duck was on fire. Used baking soda to put it out. Once we peeled off the baking soda encrusted and charred outer layer, the meat inside turned out to actually taste pretty good.
  • i turned the wrong burner on once & caught a box of shells & cheese on fire.
  • Yes, somehow grease was on the side of the pan and rolled was a small fire!
  • ++ Not quite on fire, but I had some chicken breast in a glass pan on the stove, just sort of "frying" some flavor into the chicken before I was going to bake in the oven. Thank goodness I walked out of the kitchen to check on my laundry: the glass BURST! Glass flying everywhere: chicken was starting to catch on fire. I am just glad I did not get glass in the eye or anything: needless to say I never did that again. ;-)
  • Not in my direct experience. But my mother did mention that before she was married, a pressure cooker once exploded (the lid flew off) and the flying food stained the kitchen's ceiling. Fortunately no one was hurt.
  • i having a hard time lighting a gas grill. i pumped up the gas and lit the match. i pumped up the gas and lit the match. nothing. i pumped up the gas and lit the match and a giant cloud of flame rolled out from underneath the grill and fried my eyebrows and the hair on my arms. it was frightening...and it happened in the flash of a moment.
  • In my oven. I had gone out for the evening when I returned home around 11:30 p.m. a full blown party including a live band was taking place in my home. People in the pool, they were everywhere. The police broke up the party for me. The place was a mess clothes, was awful. finally I managed to get to sleep and left the mess for the next day. Around 4 a.m. I heard a large Boom from the kitchen area. Ran to the kitchen in the dark and slid across the kitchen floor into the laundry room. There was a layer of grease on the floor from a ham and turkey they had put in my oven without a pan underneath. Just then all the grease on the floor caught fire, the stove was on fire and I was trapped in the laundry room. I grabbed a box of powder detergent and poured it on the greasy floor as I escaped. It put out the fire just enough for me to get out. I also threw some on the stove. It burns by the way.....oh what a horrible smell. Called the Fire Dept and they came and put out the fire.
  • I set fire to a Tea Towel .
  • I had spilled some oil earlier in the drip pan, and it caught on fire underneath the heating element.

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