• Sarcasm is typically spoken, while Satire is typically acted ...
  • "Fowler's table": ". Motive or Aim Province Method or Means Audience Humour Discovery Human Nature Observation The Sympathetic Wit Throwing Light Words & Ideas Surprise The Intelligent Satire Amendment Morals & Manners Accentuation The Self-satisfied Sarcasm Inflicting Pain Faults & Foibles Inversion Victim & Bystander Invective Discredit Misconduct Direct Statement The Public Irony Exclusiveness Statement of Facts Mystification An Inner Circle Cynicism Self-justification Mo rals Exposure of Nakedness The Respectable The Sardonic Self-relief Adversity Pessimism Self" Source and further information: See also:
  • British vs American humor mainly. British humour is satire as a lot of expressions and stage work goes into it. American humour is sarcasm as it's usually just some failed celebrity having a go at people more successful.
    • mushroom
      There's plenty of American satire which doesn't stoop to sarcasm, from Dr. Suess to Tom Lehrer and Mel Brooks. But political humor often crosses the line. That said, my first impression of British culture came from Monty Python, Benny Hill and Mrs. Bucket.

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