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  • First thing- do not use aspirin for pain treatment, because aspirin is anticoagulant and this is why it is harder to stop hemorrhaging which causes discoloration. To reduce the swelling, use ice packs. Also castor oil is good for that- gently rub it on your black eye. And another useful advice: put raw beef stakes on your black eye. This should also help.
  • MAKEUP -
  • G'day tj2002, Thank you for your question. Black eyes are casued by bruising around the eye. It normally goes away after a week. You can get rid of it as soon as possible by: 1) place an icepack on your eye to minimise bleeding as soon as possible; 2) keep your head elevated and use a couple of pillows to keep your head up; 3) apply moist heat with warm washcloths on the second day to re-absorb extra blood. However, seek medical attention if you have concussion, double vision or bleeding in the eye or from the nose. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards Wikipedia Black Eye Go Ask Alice Mayo Clinic E-medicine
  • try witch hazel. put in on a wash cloth and place it over your eye.
  • Find a healthy blood worm and apply it to the swollen area.
  • paint your whole face black
  • eBaY ?
  • If you're young enough to be worrying about your mom seeing a black eye, maybe your mom SHOULD be seeing the black eye. I don't know how you got it, but it sounds like trouble, and moms are likely to either straighten you out if it's your fault, or help you out with the trouble... it'll just be embarrassing either way.
  • nothing seems to help me it's still extremely black after 5 days its really horrible and i havnt gone out wit it, ive my sons party in 3 days any quick remedies please im desperate................................. ...................................................... ......................................................
  • Get ice on it intermediately!! And keep it on for at least 20 mins, and then ice it for 20 mins every hour after. Over the next few days it will probably swell and the bruising will appear. A few ways to assist with healing are: 1. ICE … keep icing it every few hours over the next few days. 2. SLEEP!! Your body repairs itself a lot quicker when you are sleeping 3. Put a cream on it with the active ingredient of MPS. (such as Hirudoid Cream) MPS … 1. Improves blood flow to the area. 2. Promotes tissue regeneration by increasing collagen and elastin fibres in the connective tissue matrix. 3. Improves moisturising capacity of the skin by increasing the hyaluronic acid content. 4. Accelerates the absorption of bruises. 5. Reduces swelling and inflammation. Hope that helps!
  • Or, you could punch yourself in the other eye and nobody will notice.
  • Covering it up maybe with green eyeshadow or the complimentary color of which your color is now.
  • put a good steak on it!
  • Ice in a towel will work just fine to help reduce swelling around the eye by constriction the blood vessels (capillaries) in the sensitive tissue that surrounds your eye. 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off: do this for a day or two.
  • Seek immediate revenge. It won't do anything for your eye but you'll feel a whole lot better.
  • time, it'll go away on its own, one time i tripped over a garage step and fell right on my forehead and had this huge bump, for wks everyone was asking me why i was walking around with a black eye, was so glad when it healed, maybe you can put makeup or something on it to hide it
  • You can't get rid of it quickly. I used pan stick makeup by Max Factor it covered well.

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