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  • Come on ladies, I' love to hear your thoughts on this.
  • Hooters, do you know that 99 percent of your questions and answers relate to sexuality? I would think you would be a professional on the subject by now. Okay, answer to the question. I like variety. When I want it slow and shallow, a facing position. Hard and deep... doggie style. It's like am I in the mood for tea or hot chocolate, just depends.
  • I agree with Riff-Raff. It depends on the mood, sometimes I like it rough, but sometimes I like to actually make love, and look into my husbands face!
  • I guess I don't qualify...I'm a lesbian! but then case you want a comparison...lmao Having my cervix banged by anyone is an immediate turn off. We don't use any it's fingers and with that in mind...both styles have a time and a place! ; )
  • All of the just depends on my mood
  • Slow AND deep!
  • I think every girl enjoys being deeply penetrated, I certainly do. If we're making love I want it slow and deep, with a lot of having his cock buried in me to hilt and grinding his pubic bone firmly against mine. It it's just lustful sex, deep and animalistic. When it's time for him to cum, I want it as deep inside as we can get it.
  • Slow and shallow at teh beginning, building up to hard and deep.
    • dave
      my kinda of woman

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