• Go to Disneyland. Go to Knotts Berry Farm. Go to Ripley's Believe it or Not. Go to Sea World. Go sightseeing. Go find garage sale in the neighborhood where you visit to actually see what life is like. Find interesting restaurants and eat there.
  • girffith park melrose shopping is the best el coyote mexican is great eat avocados the standard on sunset ride the bull at saddle ranch on sunset getty museum hike up runyon canyon the promenade in santa monica the grove/beverly center
  • Go to: Disneyland Magic Mountain Lego Land Universal Studios Knott's Berry Farm Garment District Sea World Olivera Street Swim in the ocean (Manhattan beach is the best to me) Hot Springs Yosemite National Park Sisque mountains I believe their called to ski Sand Dunes and much, much more......................... also the St. Paul megetees Musuem that overlooks the ocean.
  • For a more interesting time: Go to the Museum of Jurasic Technology in West L.A. Go to the Japanese Tea Garden at the Tilman Reclamation Plant in Van Nuys. Go to the Hollywood Cemetery Saturday Night Movie Screenings in the summer. Go to a show at the C.I.A. (California Institute of Abnormalarts)
  • see a redwood tree, walk the Golden Gate bridge, see two active volcanoes at one time, drink wine at the Northern California wine country. Visit Jack London square, see a rock star in Marin County. walk on a naked beach in SF. go home with a flower in your hair.
  • "One that seeks happiness outside daily activities, is as one that moves a wave aside in search of water."
  • Dreaming: that is what the Mamas and Papas said, so I believe it.
  • Go hiking in Yosemite National Park. Go to Chinatown in San Francisco. Drive along Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast near Big Sur.
  • Well I've been researching this a bit because I'm going there later this year, so I suppose I can give a tourist perspective at least... I think a lot of what you might want to do depends on your interests, age and who you'll be with (if anyone). - Surfing. There are some great places in CA to surf apparently, but if you come from a place where people surf all the time then that probably doesn't interest you much. - Visit the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. I think that's probably one of the most famous landmarks of CA, and well worth a trip. - Visit Alcatraz, also in San Francisco. - Go to Hollywood and do the touristy things like walk down the ''Hollywood Walk of Fame''. - Go to Yosemite. It looks fabulous and seems quite well known, so I think it's definitely worth a trip. - Go to Disneyland in Anaheim. - And if you're not from America go and find somebody's mail box to examine. I think they're quite thrilling and definitely interesting, having grown up with a letterbox ;-) This website seems to have a lot of suggestions, depending on which area you're visiting:
  • Shopping, Art, take photo's, meet intresting cool people that are crazy.Go look at houses!!
  • Yosemite!
  • Everything everyone else said...but People watching is pretty interesting too!!
  • Stop at a fruit stand by the road and talk to a farmer. Visit Sequoia National Forests and stare in awe at the big trees. Walk on a beach and experience the Pacific Ocean. Watch the sun go down over the Ocean, rather than come UP over the ocean as on the East Coast.
  • Hollywood walk of fame. Hiking near the Hollywood sign. Tour of San Diego bay/harbor. Tour of San Francisco bay. Six Flags: Magic Mountain in Valencia (near Los Angeles), Discovery Kingdom (formally Marine World) in Vallejo (near San Francisco). Drive up Highway 1. Santa Cruz "Boardwalk." Knott's Berry Farm. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Lassen Volcano park. San Diego "boardwalk." Gilroy, garlic capital of the world. Eat garlic ice cream (it's delicious) at "The Stinking Rose" restaurant (San Francisco & Beverly Hills). See the Sierra Nevada mountains. See the filming of a sit-com (Los Angeles area). Hot springs (various locations throughout the state). California Science Center (Los Angeles). Sand dunes at Pismo Beach. Sand dunes in the desert (not sure where). Death Valley. Et cetera, et cetera...
  • Every thing and any thing you can think of,where else can you go surfing and snowskiing in the same day,Im born and raised here,I love Cali.
  • Ahhh, Caiifornia the granola state...full of nuts and flakes,and Im one of them!
  • The winding Redwood Highway in the upper regions of Northern California is quite beautiful. Winding through those quiet, massive redwoods is truely majestic. God lives there.
  • Hearst casstle is cool,or the Winchester mansion.
  • Go to Venice Beach and look at the wierdos.
  • go camping in redwood national park
  • Leave the cities and head into the National Parks or National Forest areas that straddle the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Go take a dip in the dozens of natural hot springs, especially on the eastern side of the Sierras along HWY 395. Stay at Mono Hot Springs, a rustic resort along the San Joaquin river.
  • I was looking for something to do this summer and stumbled across a new store in Westside Pavilion called Scribble Press – check it out at They have an artist’s studio where you can create your own books from scratch, or use the Scribble Cueprints for inspiration. It’s a great summer activity, and they offer open studio time weekdays from 10:00 to 12:00, where you can enjoy studio time for free! I absolutely LOVED the store, and now I go at least once a week!
  • If I may share, growing up in California I have learned that is more about who you know instead of what to do. Good company can create many good things.

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