• Can he prove those things were caused by customers of yours? Even if he can, the customers are not your responsibility when they leave your premises. He will have to take it up with them.
  • I don't expect you hold any obligations for the customers damaging his boat - its your customers after all. You should have a disclaimer though, by parking here you are agreeing and waiving the management of any liability or any damage blah blah
  • To remain silent. And not voice your comments so as not to let anyone quote you in court
  • It is morally up to you, if he can prove that it came from your establishment, to pay for his damages. It is also up to you, in most states to be sure that your patrons DO NOT remove open containers from a bar, it is illegal in most states to do so. That being said. Offer him some compensation explaining that since no one is positive that the issues came from your bar, ONCE! If he persists, I suggest you invest in cameras. THis way, if someone is doing it, you can hold them liable for damage rather than have to always deal with it yourself. WHen you serve alcohol to people, because they purchased it from you, you are in part responsable for what they do on your property as a result.
  • Hey you are not in charge of your customers once they leave it is not your fault tell him to put up cameras and to leave you alone
  • No offense, but that bar sounds like a menace. I would hire a security guard to stand outside and they may force you to do so in Court.
  • You dont have to do anything. You arnt the reason his boat is damaged. Unless he puts a sign up saying...NO PUBLIC PARKING. It is on him, and if somebody parks there its on THEM. Not just own the bar, you can control anything that happens off your property. There are bars everywhere...if people were to charge the BAR OWNER for all the damage they do there would be no bars cuz the owners would all be bankrupt. ...Dude can do nothing but find the customer who damaged the boat...besides arnt you NOT SUPPOSED to take beer bottles out of the bar???...So how are they yours? Must have been those customers private beer.
  • prove the bottles came from your bar, what night it happened, and witness, if HE is unable to come up with any of those to prove you are responsible, you my friend dont have to worry about a thing, he is responsible for what happens on his property any you for yours.good luck and concede to nothing.
  • He needs to prove YOUR customers damaged it. But then again why would it be YOUR responsibilty?? If there was damages, it would of been adults.
  • Unless you have an agreement with the parking lot owner for your customers to use the lot, then I would say you have no exposure. The responsibility lies with the customer who damaged the boat or broke the bottle in the parking lot. That said, you may want to stay on good terms with the owner as a neighbor especially if this lot is used a lot by your customers. If he closes his lot or hires a towing company to enforce who can and cannot park there, you may lose customers in the long run. You might offer something to him for his troubles.

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