• yes. If you feel a little woozy they will let you lay down with a cool washcloth for as long as you like. I've fainted before and I was still able to drive home after I recovered.
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      They said blood test not giving blood
  • Why wouldn't you be able to? It's not like they are giving you some kind of drug that will make you some what intoxicated. They are just taking blood! You'll be fine girly! =)
  • Yes. Usually they just take out a small vial of blood, about 5CC's. Nowhere near enough to cause one to be lightheaded. Hell, after a blood donation one is able to drive.
  • Not if its me...I hate needles...especially blood tests...and Id feel to woozie to drive for a bit...but for the 'normal' people in the world...then yes its perfectly safe and fine.
  • I have been for the last 20 years or so,no probemo!
  • Is this a "trick" question?
  • Yes. I've driven home after them, and I even drove myself home after donating bone marrow. (Although that was pretty stupid and I wouldn't try it again...)
  • You sure can ... I do it about every three months .. +5
  • Yea. There isn't any problem in that.
  • Yes, you can drive after getting a blood test, but you will have to wait for a bit. This is because you will probably feel a little bit dizzy, and it would not be a good idea for you to be behind the wheel right away. Just take a few minutes before hitting the road so that you can be assured of arriving home safely. -LalPathLabs.Com Team
  • Of course you can. The people commenting on feeling dizzy or unstable don't know the difference between a blood test and donating blood which might have that affect. I do them several times a year and they take 4 viles of blood each time, it's not an issue.
  • Of course! Why wouldn't you?
  • Yes as it is only a small amount of blood that's taken and shouldn't make you feel woozy. However if you are a nervous needle phobic person, you might feel shook up and need a driver. Only when I gave a pint of blood did I feel woozy, and I drove back to work. An hour later I got weak knees and had to sit for a while and sip juice.
  • nnaybe not, you need to ask your doctor that question
  • Yeah, no worries, they always give me a cookie overdose. :P
  • ask your doctor

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