• Who is DR me?
  • No rules.
  • If you have a code of ethics, you will probably not need to know the rules of street fighting.
  • There are no rules especially when your getting a beatdown in front of your friends, the things ppl will do to win.. Biting choking twisting break stabbing the list goes on and on..
  • There used to be to a point, but not anymore. Now even kids want to shoot people for looking the wrong way at them.. To many stupid movies. If I get in a street fight now I'll go for the kill if I have to just because there are few options for survival...biting, gouging, shooting, kicking. I've been the victim of these shitheads to many times so if I get back into it again I won't stop till they're dead or damned close to it if they don't kill me first. It seems the meaning of "stand up and fight like a man' now means something entirely different. Time was when kicking someone was seen as fighting dirty and really frowned on. Now it's glorified.
  • In street fights, at least the ones i have attempted to stop, anything goes. No holds barred.
  • I just start breaking limbs.
  • Rules are randomly determined by the members of the audience, some of whom are desperate for an excuse to make it a brawl.
  • I got the phrase 'British boys fight with their fists' lodged in my brain at an early age and, as an uncannily strong chick, went with it for ages but these days, since nobody else fights fair, it's tough to stick with. Punks (spiky, coloured hair dudes to you Americans etc.), still apply a bit of pride and tend to stick with the fists, but not always. Now I'm a CEO I try to avoid fights a bit though - Bruises look bad in the board room.
  • "Vale Tudo" Anything Goes! BUT if you end up gouging someone's eye out or seriously injuring them/You might be charged with aggravated assault instead of disorderly conduct !
  • can do whatever you want. It is a street fight. Rocks, cynderblocks. Fence...weapons. throw em off a bridge. That is why its a street fight.
  • For girls there isnt as much of a code of ethics. For guys... kicking is kinda gay unless u know martial arts, no punching/kicking between the legs, no cheap shots, gouging eyes isnt so good either, etc. Theres no set in stone way to do it though.
  • even though I have taken tae kwon do and shodakan martial arts for over 15 years now, I don't care what kind of fight it is, there is no fairness, no rules and no honor in fighting...there's no such thing as a fair fight...hit hard, hit fast and end the conrontation anyway possible as quickly as possible before the enemy can hurt you. There's no glory in getting beaten up, and I am not gonna stand around talking smack, pushing someone with bravado to hit me first..if I am threatened, I will remove the threat as efficiently as possible, no rules, no warning.
  • in the martial art i do, we're taught there are no rules in a street fight, a street fight is all about not dying, kicking in the balls, gouging, going for the throat, if it works, then do it. even if running away is an option then take it.
  • ... rule 1, never be the one that starts it ... ... rule 2, stay alive and minimize your own injuries ... ... rule 3, do not kill your attacker ... take their ability to fight without taking their life ... a brain damaged blind quadriplegic is still a living person and not a murdered victim ... do not hesitate to destroy your attacker's ability to continue attacking ... target and break arms & legs since that will be what your attacker will try to use to harm you ... do whatever you can to end the fight as quickly as possible ... if you can give your attacker difficulty to see, breathe, stand, etc., then your attacker will also have difficulty continuing their attack and the fight will end ... ... there is no rule 4 ... ethics are for honourable and friendly games of sport combat and are to be abandoned on a real warfare battlefield ...
  • If you are Hank Hill you fight by the rules and assume everyone else does. That will get you seriously wounded. Look around, no referee, no rules.
  • I worked with teen-age gangs for awhile. No rules, anything goes, and when you've had enough, just shoot someone. Since it is done with a gang, the members feel anonymous and a kinship with the other members. It is more if the gang wins, rather than a certain person. Kinda sick. +5

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