• The past can either be a resource or a prison, depending on how we relate to it. If you burned your hand on a stove as a child, you might come away unable to go near a stove at all -- that would be a "prisonlike" relationship. If you are able to work with a stove but respect its ability to harm, that would be a "resource-like" relationship (your past lesson is a resource for helping you to be effective and safe at the same time). So the question is whether the lesson is specifically targeted and helps you be more effective, or whether it is vague and prevents you from participating in a particular activity or mode of operation.
  • I would hope that by releasing or burying the demons would be the lesson that was learned. +5
  • probably not much
  • Experience is reality. Demons are hallucinations or fantasy.
  • Ideally, you analyze your past mistakes, learn from them, then just let go and try not to repeat them. If you can't let go of your past, it's hard to move forward.
  • Hasntbeen had a good answer. Other than that I have to say it is not demons from the past that hold you back. It is how you choose to respond to the traumatic event that determines how you will proceed. If this person truly believes demons are holding them back they may need to speak to a mental health professional or spiritual counselor or leader. Demons nor angels have power or control over us unless we give it to them. We have the power to command them and what we speak they have to obey! They are subservient to us. Learning a lesson would be learning to respect a real and present danger. Not having an irrational fear. We are commanded hundreds of times in The Scriptures to "fear not". God does not give us a spirit of fear. If you are in fear pray to your Heavenly Father. Calm will come. Oh I gotta go.
  • Demons are capable of deceiving people who participate in things that demons control. Although demons no longer have the power to materialize human bodies, they use magic, voodoo, spirit mediums etc. to trick people into associating with them. When we possess any items that belong to demons and promote their ideas and/or acts, that invites them to be around us. If you feel that you are being targeted by demons, you can look through all of your belongings, including jewelry, movies and books, to see if you have anything that is demonic. Whatever you find should be destroyed (Acts 19:19).

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