• We do not keep firearms in our house. If we did, statistically our son would be the most likely death to occur due to the presence of that firearm - NOT an intruder. We have dogs for a reason.
  • For a group, Yes. for just 1 or 2 a broomhandle or baseball bat is better and safer (less risk of killing them).
  • the bigest body mass i don't want to kill mt family by missing if they die it is fate
  • If I had a gun, I would shoot to wound and/or to scare them away.
  • If they were armed I would shoot to kill! I would protect my family under any circumstances! If They were Not armed I would warn them to get out of my home immediately!! If they didn't understand english I would fire a warning shot. I have owned a firearm for over 40 years, and never was anyone injured by it. I am Very responsible and take extra precautions to make sure that nobody will ever get shot unintentionally. If everyone owned a firearm, crime would go dowm dramatically, because there would be less of a chance of somebody trying to rob you, knowing you have a firearm.
  • Will try to wound, if doesn't work then kill.
  • I do not own a firearm and would never consider using one.They can have my stuff and a life is never worth taking over material goods.
  • I have a family. Shoot to kill. If they break in while you are at home they are prob. not just thieves they are rapists, murders, etc. A thief does not want you home while they steal you are in the way. I would prob. give a warning shot after that I aiming for right between the eyes. We have shotguns one 12 gauage and one 20 gauge.
  • Absolutely. And you shoot to stop. Not to wound or kill.
  • i would stick their eyeballs in their ass so they could watch me kick the $hit outta them . ;-)
  • Consider? I'd already have the gun in my hand. Shoot first, ask questions later and that's if anyone is left alive.
  • nope. ive never even touched a gun.
  • Absolutely. The lives and safety of an innocent family takes precedence over the lives and safety of intruders with no clear intent. I would shoot to stop them from harming myself or my family. "Kill or wound" isn't a question that would come to mind. I wouldn't shoot someone in the back but I'd have no qualms about shooting someone advancing towards me or my family.
  • I'd have a gun on them, and if they didn't drop everything and run, I'd start shooting. I'm a woman and most rapes start out as robberies, I am taking no chances.
  • No, reason #1 I don't own a gun. I have plenty of Ginsu knives but we all know how that gun and knives fight go down. Secondly, I would definitely assist. them with moving anything they'd like to take from my house with a smile. Thieves aren't murderers. Murderers are people who go and knowingly kill people. It's already premeditated. It's their thing. Thieves want goods. There is know justification for rape and or murder that occurs for whatever reason when being robbed, but have you ever seen someone actually be like "okay go ahead"? In no panic? I have 3 options, save myself my way.. put MY life in THEIR hands or I am just plain fucked either way and I'm dead. I choose my way.
  • I don't have firearms in my house. But I would sure use everything else, hard or sharp. (and I've got some things that could hurt very much) The thief is asking to die. I wouldn't take any chances, cause if he has a gun or knife hidden, that wouldn't be fun.
  • People breaking into your house, no matter what the time of day would get a bullet right in the chest, if it happens to kill them so be it. I would feel much worse if the thieve had killed someone i loved.
  • Although I don't enjoy hunting, and I don't even own a gun where I live, I was raised in the country and my Dad made sure that my sister and I both knew how to handle handguns, rifles and shotguns. (No bad comments from hunters please -- I don't have any objections to hunting for food. I just enjoy cooking what my Dad brings back a whole lot more than sitting up in a tree in cold rainy weather waiting for Bambi to amble by.) For me the key word in your question is "group." In that situation, if I concluded that I needed to shoot, I would not be thinking "wound" or "kill." I would be thinking "render unable to present a further threat to me or my family while I deal with the others as needed until the police get here." If that turned out to translate into just "wound," I wouldn't be unhappy about that. I'd prefer it actually. But I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep if it didn't. I hope you understand what I mean -- if it was one guy, I might try the "wound" option because I could keep an eye on one wounded thief. The "group" aspect limits the range of strategically effective options.
  • I'd blast all of 'em, with no qualms whatsoever.
  • Yes, of course.
  • There are many more deadly weapons in my house than the airgun which I use to kill squirrels and other rodents/pests. But that's just me and the after 6 crowd...........
  • Will run away .. I hate kill people or something like that no matter what they did to me my be cause I'm still a teenager =)

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