• I don't think that would be a "friend".
  • That's not a friend; that's a user. Cut off all ties to or with them.
  • Hell no. That's not a friend. That's a douchebag you need to get rid of as soon as possible. I had a 'friend' like that once. After she had her way with me, she made it clear that she didn't want to do it again, but would never opt to pay for her share of lunch, would often expect me to take her out and pay for everything. So I hit on her, knowing full well she'd pull away. I gave her an ultimatum. "Either we do something or you leave." It was a win / win situation, but I opted for her absence. She was hurt and I was relieved.
  • Nope...that person is not your friend. I might even go so far as to say that person may be incapable of being anyone's friend.
  • You are a person with no self esteem. It is so bad, that you answered your own question and still won't see the light. That guy is fodder for nymphomaniacs. Leave him to them and get someone of substance. If I give my body to someone and they act like that? I would spit on them.
  • Better than leading me on and then rejecting me BEFORE sex..........
  • It is not your friend, but why do you allow it to happen over and over? Say NO.
  • I might be able to be friendly. But I would definitely find a different sexual partner.
  • Sure. They want sex not love. I get it.
  • Are they really your friend? Introduce him to his right or left hand and you go find some guys with character to hang with.
  • not for one second, id would ditvh him and tag him on
  • I can't say I would want to be friends with someone like that.
  • thats called "friends with benefits " ur friends but one of them is intrested in the sex sometimes both of you are, but then after that who cares or, after the sex u can still be friends. but in ur situation if you dont like that fact that he only comes over and seduces you to sex,you should not let him seduce you, when he tries his tricks make him stop, and make him respect you, make ur friend see that when u say no its no, and if ur friend brakes up the friendship after that or leaves mad. Then maybe he is not really ur friend and he only sees you as a body call
  • Maybe, if the sex was good and then it would be mutual. If I was into him then i would leave him alone.
  • Sure, if the sex was any good
  • No I would not still be friends with someone if they did that! I would feel hurt and only feel like I was needed for sex!
  • I would take responsibility for my own actions and not have sex with them. Unless they are forcing you, which is rape, then you are agreeing to the sex. Why would you repeatedly have sex with someone who rejects you afterwards?
  •, enough said.
  • You are allowing this person to treat you like a toy. You need to find a person that will help raise your self respect and self esteem.
  • Hell No! I wouldn't even speak to them at all.
  • NOPE ; sounds like you are being USED 'n PLAYED like a fiddle .... Break off all connections and sever the relationship .. you deserve better ... +5
  • You ask about it. So it bothers You. So no.
  • you are right it is never right to be used
  • As if!!!!
  • i think the answer is right infront of your nose! JUST LOOK! AND THINK REASONABLY! why would you be friends with someone who just uses you?
  • It looks like this person were trying to establish a relationship of the kind "friends with benefits". Their strategy is far from the best: it would be better to state their goal with honesty. "Friends with benefits is an agreement between two people who are both friends and physically attracted to one another to have a sexual relationship. Neither party is considered committed to the other, and both can start dating someone else at any time with no prior warning. A friends with benefits arrangement is not considered dating, a relationship, or even casual dating by most people who use the term." Source and further information: Please notice that this is supposed to be an "agreement between two people", so if you don't agree with this situation, you don't have to accept this. The best for you would be to find for yourself if you are interested in such a kind of relationship. It looks like you can't expect a deeper involvement from that person at the moment - like a partner relationship. Once you have found for yourself what you want, you could see how you manage to get it. If you wish to have a partner, this "friends with benefits" agreement would be the wrong way to get it.

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