• ignore it
  • Until smoking is illegal, go on with my life. :)
  • i would say something if i know the person but other than that i have to ignore it cz they won't listen anyways
  • i would have to ignore it because at the end of the day they arnt your kids, and saying something is only going to piss you off- they clearly think its okay to do it so they will carry on anyway.
  • Good way to start a fight. I understand your concern for the children, but you are not their parents. Hopefully, one day this will change for the smokers and they will realize their children are suffering from second-hand smoke. and, they keep the windows down in the car. Wife and i were smokers with our children. we did not know or realize the harmful health effects this might have on our children at that time. This was a bad choice on our part and thank God they have had no ill-effects from our bad decision. Thanks for asking this question.
  • My brothers survived car trips where everybody smoked. None of us smoke and none of us have second hand smoke related illnesses. We are all too politically correct but don't get involved in problems that really require our attention. Nobody is working to end the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, nobody is countering the jerks interrupting Health Care meetings. Let parents worry about their own children.
  • It would be out of line to say something to them. I see people all the time driving around smoking weed with kids in the car and the speakers BLASTING in the kids ears. There's just a lot of dumb ass people out there, but you can't raise their kids for 'em.
  • If they are smoking in the car, when am I going to be able to say anything? To me that means they're driving.. With complete strangers I generally ignore it. They have no reason to listen to me. I have been known to comment to people I know though.
  • It's illegal here so i don't ever see it
  • i don't even's not illegal...they aren't my children...what do you do?
  • i dont intervene
  • If it's my car, I ask them to get out. If it's someone elses car, I can't interfere with what they are doing.
  • Anyone ever said anything to me about anything like that... and they would learn fast why it's not a good idea to reflect your person sh*t onto anyone. I was sitting next to a group of young girls and an old crotchety a$$hole in a bookstore cafe last week. The girls were being... girls! THey were stacking plastic cups like they do in the competitions. The je*k-off went OFF on them like a rocket, at first being nice and friendly and then going in for the kill... I didn't interfere because it wasn't any of my business either and had I got involved, I would have made myself no better than him. *but would have made him look like a misguided missle fast! But he went off for 20 minutes on a plastic cup cost to Borders this is why they charge so much for coffee tyrade... I was SO embarassed for him. Rather than wanting to teach them anything at all... He was more pissed that they were making noise that HE couldn't tune out. His last words to them were really inaporpriate profane nasty things that FOR ANY reason, as an adult, you don't say to a child. He was a di*k... I LOATHE people like that and have been known to school their asses when they are stupid enough to talk to me like that.
  • I think its very wrong to smoke around a child more so baby's then anything but thankfully i live Arkansas and there is a law against this, you can not smoke while having a child in the car with you or you can be fined BIG TIME..
  • What can we do about it? Its not like were going to pull them over to tell them how ignorant they are being
  • Good grief! What should I say? "Excuse me guy - got a light?". No doubt the sparks from the cigarettes will cause the children to burst into flame and turn the automobile into a rolling inferno right? This might cause the whole city to become a firestorm - with children blocks away spontaneously bursting into flame in sympathy. This anti smoking nonsense is past the point of being ridiculous - and has now reached psychotic levels of hysteria and stupidity..."..what do I do when I see people smoking in a car with kids?.."...I'll tell you what I do - I mind my own bloody business and leave the poor s.o.b.'s alone - that's what I do!
  • ok lets see............grab the person in the car next to you who is smoking infront of their kids and make him a bad buy,or leave the perfect guy that lives next door to you to look after the kids because he is the nice guy next door that put his fingers up your daughter panties,when you are not watching.
  • The odds of a lecture by a random person changing the smoker's mind are exceedingly small. Anyone who has been through school in America is quite aware that smoking is a bad thing and that second hand smoke is also a bad thing.* . What the lecture WILL do is demonstrate to their children that self-righteous people will come out of nowhere to verbally attack and upset their parents. . To 'say something' is far more harmful than it is helpful, not to mention rude and truculent. __________________________________________________________ * It's not as bad as many people think though, AND car windows tend to be down when people smoke.
  • I am a smoker, but I dont understand people who smoke around their children, the children should not suffer for the bad habits of the parent.

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