• Neither. It's controlled by idiots. :3
  • It is controlled by the people who vote. Sadly the ones who seem to be do all the most voting are those who benfit the most from goverment involvment... Big business and those who get a goverment check.
  • The U.S. is run by greed. /bring on the hate
  • Since were are part of one of the most evil systems of economics (capitalism) it is clear that the corporations, who care nothing about any one but their profits, control the country. The good thing is that with a strong moral socialistic leader like Obama, the country is being taken back for the people; thats whay we see so many protests; its corporate stooges fighting tooth and nail to keep from loosing power. Corporations produce nothing but greed and ecil, and the population is tired of it, thats why we elected Obama.
  • The US is run by the government which takes advice (and money) from lobbyists. The corporations hire the best lobbyists in order to persuade the government to a) prevent similar businesses from cutting into their market share or, b) give them extra money/decrease their tax rate or, c) cut back restrictions that make their success harder. . Corporate welfare is a bad thing. Fiscal conservatives generally agree on this point as do Libertarians. Actually so do most Democrats. Unfortunately the government takes in so much money that it can be handed out to anyone who can deliver votes or campaign money. That means corporations...and unions who pay the Democrats and who reap benefits like...well, the ones they just reaped from the recent government adoption of two of the three American auto manufacturers. Unions are the same as any other lobbying group, arguably worse as some union members are government employees. At any rate, these unions are dependent upon the success of the businesses and government they are a part of. . Yeah...sorry about all those words. . My main point is that as long as the government can trade money and advantages for votes, lobbyists will be there to get their cut. The government simply has too much spare money while the citizenry has too little.
  • Large corporations make large donations to candidates, for many candidates this is the bulk for their political funding. Without such funding a political candidate would have a very hard - if not impossible time to get elected. You do the math and see what you get for an answer.
  • The Special interest groups and the elites control our Govt. We the people have no say. . Example: 700 Billion bailouts. It was REJECTED when it was 1st voted on. . Then the bill was slightly altered so that members of congress, the senate and the house would get a piece of the pie. . The 2nd time, the 700 billion bailout was Passed. . Money talks. . The way our system is setup, makes it look like we have a choice, a voice. But when someone stands up for us, speaks against Special Interest groups, (Ron Paul) the media and the "elitists" just laugh at him.
  • ...Aliens...It's controlled by Aliens...
  • It is controlled by whomever has enough money to influence the powers that be. What else is new anywhere on earth?
  • Its not quite that simple. . First, there are the voters, who are influenced by special interests on a large vague scale (media, capitalist system as a whole - buying goods, etc.) as well as smaller interests in life (friends, family, groups, etc.). . The politicians who represent the voters are also influenced by the larger interests more directly, which makes the influence on them greater than the average voter - however, considering how many people he represents and how many resources are spent pandering to them, the influence over him isn't really grotesque, and certainly no more than what amounts to the overall influence of everyone. . The more control a given group has, the greater power they have any the larger ability they have to influence things. The more people you employ - the more people that are dependent on something you control (a resource or service) - the more your voice will be listened to and the more influence your voice will have. . It's just the way the world works, in any system - even anarchy.
  • Big Business! and the Politicians who take kick backs
  • capitalism shows its ugly face through the lobbyists who think they control senators and congress with their big expense accounts. govt is run by big money. the electoral college votes in the president. what is that? someone has to pay the television ads, the independents do not have the funding.
  • It is run by a Group of Private Bankers. They have all the say in the matter..."We the people" has been "Thrown out the window".
  • The government is and always will be controlled by the rich.
  • it's run by the big corporations. go look up all the contributions in the last presidency. You'll see that the top 10 for each candidate was a big corporation (and it's usually the same company donating to all the candidates too). same goes for those in any high elected office. Now, let's say come the next election time, the person they donated to and was elected did something that hurt that corporation in some way. You think they are going to get a donation again? w/o that money, they're not going to be able to fund that campaign, and the other guys win. Sure, they have more name recognition, but they other guys will be able to have more ads, speak at more places, etc. explaining how they're going to change things and make it better then the other guy.
  • america is run by the millions of little ants that do the work in this country. and we get pissed when some fucker steps on us!

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