• Go to start, control panel, Printers and faxes... is it available or has the driver even been installed for that printer? Perhaps you never told the computer that you were installing the driver for that printer and it can't find it.
  • I am having the same problem with my Lexmark Z645 and my new computer, I've tried installing with the disc it show's up in the control panel, but I can't print, and I get no error message when I attempt to print, nothing. Do I need a new printer cable? My old computer was an emachine and my new computer is an emachine W3639. Is it a Vista issue, or a Lexmark issue, or do I need a whole new printer?
  • I had the same problem with the Lexmark Z645 and Vista. After a lot of effort I gave up and emailed Lexmark. Their response was surprisingly helpful (this solution may or may not work with other Lexmark printers having similar problems): First download and run "CleanupUtility.exe" from: Then unplug the printer's USB cable and restart your PC. Then download and run the printer's drivers/install program for Vista, from: Only plug the USB cable back in when the drivers/install program tells you to. After install, I think it asks for another reboot. Then all should work fine. :-)

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