• In the PC game Portal you are promised cake if you get to the end. When you get to the end the cake does not exist but you get to hear a cute song about it.
  • it basically means "The goal you are working for is a material meaningless goal, a rewardless goal, a pointless accomplishment and therefor a lie. In the game Portal it is used as a tool to motivate you until you bust out.
  • holy! what an awesome saying. I've never heard that before and I'm totally gonna start using it. thank you!
  • Oh... I thought it might have been something to do with Marie Antoinette's saying about let them eat cake or something along those lines. Where people were starving and had no bread and she figured if you don't have bread then you just eat cake. (unfortunately, peasants who cannot afford bread couldn't really afford cake) Guess it doesn't have anything to do with it now that I've read the other answers.. But thought I would add it anyway
  • I've never heard it. Imagine it means something like that which promises to be sweet will not be.

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