• in live in TN all our trees are changing early i think is combo of wet summer and a warning of a bitter cold winter. squirrels are gathering nuts all ready they usually don't start till mid sept. here ! +5
  • Tree leaves change color as the leaves stop photosythesis. That usually occurs early for the reasons already stated; too cool, too wet, too warm and dry. LOL. It does signify a certain amount of stress to the tree. If it was a wet year, the tree may actually need food as it has had too much water wash away nutrients. If it's been too dry, it could also be a food issue. Deep root feeding often alleviates the problem. Acer Saccharum, or Sugar Bush Maple turns the brilliant color just for the reason of the sugar (maple syrup - YUM). That makes sugar maples prone to ants - keep your eyes open for that, Acer has soft wood and ants like to chew it. Try feeding the tree, even though it is coming close to fall. The tree will store the nutrients through the winter.

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