• That fuse is supposed to blow. It's a safety trigger that keeps the house from burning down. The problem is that it's pulling too much power. Relocate where you plug it in, even with a drop cord, if necessary. The wall unit is probably a 110, and also has other elctrical items (clock, lamp, etc.) using the same juice you're trying to tap into. You COULD go around unplugging everything first, but that's a pain in the ass. A house is set up for 220 max, per circuit. +5
  • Too much power. I sometimes forget that when I am making breakfast. The coffee maker is going, I am making toast, I go to heat something in the microwave, and BLAP! There goes the breaker. My old house did that too since the outlets on three walls were all on the same circuit. Find another place to plug into. Oh, and before you get any bright ideas about a bigger fuse, let me tell you a story. There was a house where a particular fuse would blow and that fuse would take out the heat. This little girl complained that she was cold so daddy put a penny in the fuse socket so they would have heat. She burnt to death when the house went up due to an electrical fire.

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